Audiovisual Education and Training: One Size Does Not Fit All

By Melissa Taggart

keepcalm-0414So much is being written about how people learn combined with the overwhelming pace of new content. We hear endlessly about the poor, poor, millennials who are apparently the most difficult people on the planet to work with and can only learn via YouTube. Articles stating that Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) will ring the death knell for all other types of learning appear almost weekly. Will flipped classrooms (lecture at home, exercises in the classroom) become the norm?


In InfoComm’s 75th anniversary year, it’s a privilege to look back and see the decades of volunteer education and training for this industry. Groups like the Professional Education and Training Committee (PETC) and countless subject matter experts have provided our association with an unbelievable treasure trove of accurate content and curriculum about all things audiovisual. For many, sitting in a classroom with peers and a qualified instructor is the right way to go.  More and more companies provide our training at their company sites, leveraging the company culture with great instruction to improve their bottom line.


An adventurous InfoComm Board okayed the investment for web-based learning 18 years ago, and we’ve never looked back. With a strong Learning Content Management System (LCMS), InfoComm reached over 26,000 registrants worldwide in 2013. For members, you get three free online courses for you and all your employees when you join, plus the Registered AV Technologist Test. Check out the latest addition, Digital Signage for Technology Managers Online.

Tradeshows and Conferences

With tradeshows around the world and numerous standalone events with the best instructors in the industry, InfoComm continues to provide education to tens of thousands of attendees. Build your own, customized learning schedule to meet your needs.

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InfoComm reached over 5,000 people last year with free webinars. Convenient, current, and many provide renewal units (RUs) for CTS holders.

Virtual Classroom

A combination of online lectures and collaborative, self-paced work, this approach works from both a budget and timing perspective for many learners.


From InfoComm’s publication of The Basics of Audio and Visual Systems Design by Ray Wadsworth 1983, to the most recent publication of Networked AV Systems by McGraw Hill in both hard copy and as an e-book, InfoComm has made huge amounts of content available around the world.

Let me get to the first call to action:

  • What training delivery method do you want in the future?
  • What training delivery method do you want for your employees to learn in the future?

This blog was reprinted with permission from InfoComm and originally appeared here.