Audience Intros Three New powerChord Models

Audience announced the introduction of its Au24 SX power Chord, Au24 SE-i powerChord and powerChord SE-i, three AC power cords specifically designed for high-performance audio systems.

The flagship is the Au24 SX powerChord, which utilizes newly designed internal wire made from six-nines-pure OCC copper. Two 13 AWG wires per leg are used in the 10 AWG Au24 SX powerChord — and uses shielded construction. Each of the two ground wires is separately shielded and hand-wrapped with Teflon. The Au24 SX powerChord is insulated with the XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) dielectric material. The Au24 SX is terminated with the Furutech Pure Transmission Fi-50M NCF Piezo Ceramic AC connector.

The Au24 SE-i powerChord is a step up from the Au24 and Au24 SE powerChords. It has been upgraded with Audience’s proprietary power cord connectors, which the company says provide a more refined and smoother musical presentation. All previous Audience Au24 SE and Au24 powerChords can be upgraded to the latest Au24 SE-i version.

Audience’s new powerChord SE-i is an improved version of the powerChord. Its six-conductor geometry has been reconfigured for what Audience says makes for better sound.

All three new powerChords are designed to eliminate or reduce the traditional weak points of conventional power cords: More often than not, power cords will behave in a reactive manner and introduce capacitance, inductance and resistance into the electron flow, which will compromise the interface between the component and the power source. The Au24 SX, Au24 SE-i and SE-i feature a high-current, low impedance, wide bandwidth design for fast response, accurate reproduction of macro and micro dynamics, articulate bass, superior imaging, exceptional harmonic integrity, lower background noise and additional sonic benefits.

The new Audience Au24 SX powerChord, Au24 SE-i powerChord and powerChord SE-i are currently available. The six-foot Au24SX 10 AWG powerChord carries a suggested retail price of $4,600, +/- $180 per foot. If purchased as an option with any Audience Adept Response power conditioner (in place of the standard powerChord SE-i usually supplied), the optional upgrade price is $4,200.

The powerChord Au24 SX MP 13 AWG medium-power version powerChord (for use in audio components that require up to 150 watts of power) is available at $3,500 suggested retail for a six-foot power cord, +/- $150 per foot.

A six-foot Au24 SE-i powerChord has a suggested retail price of $2,560, +/- $150 per foot. The powerChord SE-I is available at $915 suggested retail for a six-foot length, +/- $30 per foot.

More information is here.