Listen to What Is Being Said (If You Can)


We recently had a email thread at my institution discussing whether people should use microphones as a standard at all meetings. The discussion started as a result of people having a hard time hearing during faculty meetings. Interestingly, this discussion took a different direction that previous ones had. It was focused on accessibility and how […]

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Audience Intros Au24 SX Interconnects, Loudspeaker, Phono and Digital Cables


Audience announced the introduction of its new “top of the line” Au24 SX interconnects, loudspeaker, phono and digital cables. Au24 SX substantially exceeds the performance of Audience’s long-standing and acclaimed Au24 cable lines by the use of improved XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) dielectric material, higher-purity “six nines” copper, and by improvements to the cable geometry. The […]

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Audience Debuts ClairAudient 1+1-V2 Loudspeaker And Introduces 1+1-V2 “+ Kit” Options


Audience today announced the introduction of its ClairAudient 1+1-V2 loudspeaker, incorporating upgraded drivers to deliver what the company says is even greater sonic realism than the original version of the 1+1. In addition, an available “+ kit” takes the 1+1-V2 and steps up the performance. The ClairAudient 1+1-V2 is a bi-pole (front- and rear-radiating) design that delivers surprisingly expansive […]

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Audience Introduces Its Conductor High-Performance In-Wall Power Cable


Audience today announced the introduction of its Conductor in-wall power cable that it claims is better than plain-old Romex for custom-installation, home theater, multi-room audio, architectural and other in-wall applications. Audience Conductor cable features three 10 AWG multi-conductor wires plus a ground wire and can be used in 120-volt and 220-volt applications. The wire is […]

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Do Website Usability Rules Translate to Digital Signage?


By Laura Miller Director of Marketing, KioWare Digital signage tips for targeting teens As hardware providers, software providers and application developers for digital signage, we sometimes leave the “content” portion of digital signage to our clients.  We assume that advertising agencies and in house marketers have the content piece of their message under well in […]

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Audience Ships ClairAudient 1+1 Loudspeaker


Audience today announced that it is now shipping its ClairAudient 1+1 loudspeaker. The ClairAudient 1+1 is a bi-pole (front- and rear-radiating) design in a high gloss black multi-angled enclosure with rosewood sides. The Audience A3-S driver is 3 inches in diameter but has a frequency response from 50Hz to 22kHz (depending on room placement). The company claims that it eliminates […]

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Audience Ships the ClairAudient The ONE


Audience is now shipping its ClairAudient The ONE single-driver loudspeaker, which is a 7×5.5×7″ (HxWxD) desktop and surround sound home theater speaker. The ONE incorporates the same A3-S full-range, crossover-less driver as every Audience ClairAudient loudspeaker, along with a passive radiator. The A3-S is a full-range, high power, 12 millimeter excursion, “ultra-low distortion” transducer. Audience […]

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