Zigen Launches New PoE Extender

zigen-poe-extender-1014The Zigen POE-70 is a 70-meter (230′) HDMI extender (using HDBaseT) over single UTP/STP, with IR and RS232 and POE (48V). Zigen claims that the POE-70 is for 24/7 operation.

The ZIG-POE-70-TX provides a complete solution for detection and powering of POE IEEE 802.3af devices such as the ZIG-POE-70-RX. The ZIG-POE-70-TX POE solution will safely detect, classify, and provide 48V up to 13W power to RX device connected to the HDBaseT port. The TX unit will first read a signature from the TX and only enable power delivery if all constraints are met. During the power delivery the link is continuously monitored for any fault or overloading conditions and the current is limited to avoid hazardous conditions.

The ZIG-POE-70-TX senses the removal of a powered device and turns off 48V power immediately when the RX is disconnected.

Here are the specs.