What Dell Can Teach the AVL Market

This month, I highlight one of the biggest innovators not in the A/V/L market: Dell. For reasons that will become abundantly clear, this company has figured out how to listen to customers, solicit feedback and incorporate customer service into a commoditized market — and still have steady revenue. It’s important to learn what Dell can teach the A/V/L market.

The chart below shows just how well they’ve fared in a tough economy and in a market that is all about commoditization.


Dell’s innovation includes their own Social Media Listening Command Center and a focused effort on making social media intersect with customer service. They’ve also been smart about how they solicit constant feedback from both prospects and clients alike. This helps them stay up-to-date with sales trends before the charts start to show what’s already happened. These lessons are valuable for the A/V/L market and salient to the house of worship market, which values strong customer service.

What Dell can teach the AVL market is important and timely. Are you listening?