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00672_00766Tory Holmwood, a Project Manager for Advanced AV and a member of Women in AV, will be traveling to Uganda in March to give back to an amazing cause. This generosity and practice of giving back to the community runs in her family. The family took their cue from her mother, who co-founded a non-profit organization seven years ago, called ECHOES Around the World. ECHOES – which stands for Educating Children & Communities for Health Opportunities, Enlightenment & Survival – is based outside Philadelphia with a mission statement that declares ECHOES works directly with local communities, focusing on education, health and welfare. We seek to support innovative, dynamic and accountable leadership in marginalized areas of the world.

An integral part of ECHOES’ work is their support of the Trinity Children’s Centre, Centenary High School and the Double Cure Medical Centre in Uganda.

Tory will be traveling to Uganda with a new start-up called Deahla (which means ‘to share’ in Swedish), founded by her sister Lindsay. The company’s mission is to take the guesswork out of giving to charity by scouring the globe for the most impactful non-profits, and creating high-quality, professional films about their work. They will present the impact the charity has on the community being served, and try to inspire young donors to give. Deahla’s central goal is to make it straightforward for young people to find and support non-profit causes by inspiring them with entertaining, sharable short films utilizing social media as just one delivery vehicle.00672_00767

The group, along with two filmmakers, will head to Uganda from March 5th-16th to shoot a film about the great work being done on the ground in the Trinity school and the medical clinic, which are supported by ECHOES. Tory will be employing her professional project management experience to help facilitate and coordinate the filming of this incredible project.

The trip marks the pilot project for Deahla, and is happening at quite serendipitous because there is an immediate call to action. A boy’s dorm located at Trinity Children’s Centre burned down on February 20. Until the dorm can be rebuilt, the boys are staying in a stadium hall. Some of the immediate, identifiable and badly lacking essentials for the children are mosquito nets, blankets, mattresses, and wash basins, just to name a few. There are about 150 children that have been affected, and the unsafe nature of the stadium requires the QUICK rebuilding of the dorm.

As part of our Social Outreach we ask our employees “What more can I do?,” and each time they respond with a personal cause and effort in which they are actively involved. Advanced AV is proud to support Tory’s, Deahla’s and ECHOES’ cause. We will bereposting updates and photos on their trip that will be posted on Deahla’s blog at www.deahla.com/blog to keep everyone up to date on her efforts and success.

Want to do more – please reach out directly. ECHOES accepts donations on their site at http://www.echoesfoundation.org/how_to_help/donate_now/. These donations will immediately support the rebuilding of the dorm and give these young boys a home once more.

Mailing Address:

ECHOES Foundation

P.O. Box 772, Devon, PA 19333

Fax: 610-687-6778

Email: info@echoesfoundation.org

Website:  http://www.echoesfoundation.org/