Amy Fulton

Amy Fulton

Amy is an industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience in the systems integration business and is the Marketing Director for Video Corporation of America. It is her mission to keep clients fully informed of technology changes, innovative solutions and the depth of how VCA services can positively affect their organization. VCA’s marketing initiatives have increased communications in new ways, utilizing social media, streaming media, blogging, PR, webcasts, events and more. Amy recently won the NSCA Business & Leadership Award for Marketing Strategies and is a member of the Rave Publications BlogSquad. To get in touch email her at

The VCA Family: Al Berlin


When I was deciding to make a change in my career path there were so many things wracking my brain and the fear of the unknown can be pretty scary — well at least it was for me. Corporate culture is really important to me and since I was already working with some pretty amazing […]

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My Story


I recently attended the NSCA Business & Leadership Conference in Arizona. First off …Kudos to the NSCA staff for finding the most amazing speakers. There were various business seminars on the state of the economy, not being complacent, learning to adapt to change to grow your business, strategic planning and finding the entrepreneur inside of you… Saturday morning John […]

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Around the Water Cooler


A positive workplace culture and realizing that we are all on the same team is the goal… it defines our brand, who we are and what kind of company our clients want to do business with. So stop and think about this for a second: Are you really a team player? I do believe that […]

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Face to Face Still Matters


Let’s have a conversation about technology shows… and I am not talking aboutInfoComm. I am talking about the smaller manufacturer technology showcases that take place throughout the year. These product showcases are put together for dealers, consultants and hopefully a handful of end-users. These shows are heavily marketed and require a huge amount of coordination […]

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Crowdsourcing: A Dream Come True For Marketers


Crowdsourcing: The practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers (provided by Merriam/ The concept of soliciting creativity across a large network of people intrigues me. I am working on a project that […]

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Thinking Outside the Box


In my previous blog post: Social Media Does Anyone Really Know the Answer Yet? I discuss social media and my quest to learn the ins and outs to utilize it effectively. NC Nwoko fromrAVe wrote a follow-up to the article and one thing she wrote really stuck with me: Communication is subjective. My advice would be to find out where the […]

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A Human Touch

00251_00128-268x3001.jpg describes Marketing as a philosophy. Their definition is that Marketing is based on thinking about the business in terms of customer needs and their satisfaction. Branding is a big part of my responsibilities. I obsess over corporate colors, logos usage, sales materials, web content and advertisements all to support a unified image.  A key part of that branding needs to incorporate a human element; […]

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Live and Learn


It was the end of February and the Digital Signage Expo was on the horizon, so we decided to do a pain point e-campaign on our Meeting Room Scheduling Solutions. I followed the normal course of events: met with the manager of that department, began the process with my designer,  laid out the graphics and content, and […]

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