What Can You Do to Go Green Now?

green now 0910

green-now-0910As the GreenAV movement is under construction, there aren’t many GreenAV products, to be perfectly honest. You can search and search, but they’re coming slowly. The good news is they’re also coming more profitably. And, integrators are reporting to us that in the majority of their bids, when they specify GreenAV side-by-side with old AV, the Green stuff is winning more than losing.

So, step one for you is to SPECIFY GreenAV products. We’ve already reported on almost a dozen of them in just the first two issues of rAVe GreenAV – check here to bookmark our archives and read over Issue 1: http://www.ravepro.com/green/

But there’s still more you can do! Here’s a guide to what you can do now in specifying AV systems to be MORE GREEN!

  1. Use Smart Power: Our favorite is SurgeX (www.surgex.com) but whomever you use, you’d better be using power conditioning in EVERY RACK — and not just to save your AV gear from power surges and failures. Smart power is way, way more than that. Did you know that you can turn off unused AV gear that’s a huge power hog when you’re not using it? Think about the temperature of your DVRs, your CableTV boxes, your satellite receivers and your audio amps when you’re not using them. Where do you think that heat comes from? You go it: power = hot. Smart power conditioners can automatically (or via programming) turn off boxes that simply don’t need to run all weekend when you’re not at the office or during the day when you’re not at home. Not only will this save you money, but also it’ll make you greener!

    Here’s another thing smart power will do — some of these Smart Power conditioners   are even IP-controllable (networkable). With IP-controllable AV stuff, you can take control of and power on and off gear via a network — powering it only when you need it.

  2. Get Educated on Green: The standards for GreenAV are being written right before your own eyes. Below, you’ll see a story on InfoComm’s Sustainable Technology Environment Program and they’re asking for YOU to provide input on what the GreenAV standards and practices should be. This is a landmark document that will leave an indelible impact on the AV market for decades! Don’t you want to be a part of it?
  3. Use GreenAV Stuff: Some of the GreenAV marketing coming from manufacturers right now might be hype, but most of it is better than nothing. In fact, statistically, clients are asking for green gear more than ever before. And, it’s only a matter of time before all government purchasing favors green over non-green stuff. It’ll happen. So, why not lead with GreenAV? Again, make sure you’re tracking everything we’re writing about in the world of GreenAV and you’re doing your part by selling green — and making more money in the process.

Sure, we’d like to see more GreenAV gear already and 2011’s going to be THE GREEN YEAR in AV gear. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it asCrestron’s theme at next year’s InfoComm or CEDIA shows — along with dozens of other companies out there who need to take a stand in GreenAV and are still not sure of their plan.

But, we’ll keep asking and asking and asking them all until they finally build it — you’re here, so it will come…