Observations on Morning Two at CEDIA 2010

sony1 300x2351

sony1This show’s been nothing short of AWESOME! And, in case you’re not here, here’s some observations from the show floor this morning as the gates opened at 9am.

Sony’s Blu-ray Secret: Check this out – these pics were taken this morning by rAVe Pubs and isn’t this foretelling: Blue-ray barely takes up a 6’x10′ space in their booth while on-line, streaming video content partners take up well over 30’x30′ of their booth! Where do YOU think Sony thinks the future of HD movies are headed?

Android Apps: For two years the iPhone, the iPod and now even CEDIA 2010 we’re seeing the iPad all over the place. But, our money’s on Android Apps for 2011. Sure, the iStuff from Apple will still be supported – and prominantly displayed all over the place, but there’s talk of all sorts of Android HomeAV apps ahead of the forthcoming Android Tablets, Pads, handhelds, etc. Watch for them to swarm the AV market in mere months.

Thinstall: It all started with Chief Manufacturing and their super-thin mounts for those LED TV’s and now the emulators (imitators) abound. Every mount company has thin mounts,and the TV’s keep getting thinner.

 As expected, 3D is everywhere here at CEDIA 2010 and even Monster’s gotten into the action launching a line of Monster-branded 3D glasses priced at, you go ti, abouut 30-50% higher than the manufacturers’ own. 3D is hot and even if you don’t think it’ll be in everyone’s living room, there’s no question it will be a HIT with Gamers – and the average age of game buyers,m by the way, is 39 – are you selling to them, yet?

251 Videos: We’ve literally shot and posted over 250 videos from the CEDIA 2010 show floor – just from Day-1. You will truly feel like you are AT the show. You should check them out here.