Five Booths You’ll Want to See at CEDIA

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Most people see CEDIA Expo as the show of shows in the HomeAV market and make the time it takes to peruse the show, completely. The four-day event is the ultimate opportunity to see the new technologies and products that’ll make or break your year in high-end consumer electronics. And, best of all, it doesn’t have the huge crowds like CES.

However, some people just can’t make the time and, since the show spreads across two weekdays and two weekend days, they may only be able to pop in for a few hours one day. So, how do you cover CEDIA and get the info you NEED and leave armed with the knowledge of where the opportunities lie in new technologies? With that in mind, here’s your quick guide to racing through CEDIA Expo 2010.

DP_Logo_CAV_200px-09101. Digital Projection: (Booths #3874 & #4436) Digital Projection is the ultimate high-end projection company and their annual Expo stand is an adventure in envy. Most clients can’t usually afford the super-high-end DLP-based projectors on display in their booth, but you need to drop by there, as it’s always a glimpse into the technological future of home theaters and home cinema. DP regularly pushes the envelope of perfection in projection and it’s a great opportunity to see the high-end standard of DLP projection so when you peruse the other lower-end projection companies on display with DLP-based products you can better judge what’s missing.

monster2-09102. Monster:
 (Booths #3874 & #506) This is a must-see. Why? Monster is a marketing marvel — they could probably sell milk to a dairy farmer. Monster has a unique skill set that has never been matched in HomeAV marketing. They can reposition a piece a wire and convince buyers that if they don’t buy it, they’re doing themselves a great disservice. You’ve got to drop by the booth as there’s no one better – and they have some of the coolest looking packaging around.

mcintosh_logo_header-09103. McIntosh:
 (Booth #5248) My daughter goes to school every day looking a lot like an ’80s pop icon. The fact of the matter is that back to the future is in – mainstream fashion, hotel lobby design, furniture styles and even consumer electronics design from the 1980s is back! And, the truth is, no one does it better than McIntosh! They’re stuff is traditional audiophile perfection.

russound-09104. Russound:
 (Booth #2636) The hype in whole-house integration has gotten way out of control. While other companies have launched whole-house media servers and even Windows-based smart homes (think blue screen of death!), Russound has stuck to standards-based whole house AV distribution the old fashioned way, albeit with some stylistic improvements over the years. Look, there’s no question that streaming content all over the house via wireless broadband connections is the future, but in the meantime, stick with Russound’s way — it’s simple, it’s reliable and its user interfaces are not designed for rocket scientists.

lutron-09105. Lutron:
 (Booth #2010) Going Green is the mantra of 2011 – it’s the way we’ll all make a lot of money over the next few years. The guilt-ridden, ozone-destroying upper class will rally behind the Green Movement over the next couple of years. Heck, even BMW and Mercedes are launching electric cars. Lutron’s already there with industry-leading green initiatives and products that will save your clients money immediately – and it’s not just green hype.

Still can’t find the time to go to Expo? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve formed a partnership with CEDIA to bring you CEDIA OnDemand – a LIVE continuously-streaming news service via Twitter Feeds and hundreds of one-minute videos our reporters will shoot from the show floor and post on the CEDIA OnDemand site here:

Bookmark this as a favorite in your browser NOW! We’ll have seven people covering the show floor interviewing people in their booths, shooting video of new products and Tweeting about what we see and we’re posting it all in real time on the CEDIA OnDemand site.

So, if you see me or one of our team members perusing the show with a mic and camera (wearing our easy-to-spot rAVe electric blue shirts), tap us on the shoulder and say Hi!