Webinar | The State of AV in Education

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Once just a proof of concept, hybrid and hyflex classrooms are now in high demand as universities worldwide look to implement solutions.

The college classroom or lecture hall is no longer a confined space within four walls. Every classroom needs hybrid capabilities, while others require a true hyflex environment. A hybrid/hyflex design approach means that a student never has to miss class, a professor can teach from anywhere in the world, lectures are automatically streamed and archived, and in-room projectors are more of a digital canvas than a display.

Gary Kayye has been in AV design for 25+ years, and he’s also a full-time professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This unique, dual perspective led him to design two iterations of UNC’s classroom of the future — and freely share those plans with his colleagues. The result? Fifty colleges and universities leveraging the plans as a launchpad for their own global AV-over-IP-based classrooms and active-learning spaces.

Learn about the technology and solutions installed, review the as-builts and drawings, and understand how Gary Kayye’s two classrooms provide the best solution for universities, students and AV designers alike.

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