Webinar | The Future of Hybrid, HyFlex and Online Learning is All About AV

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Hybrid learning future webinar

UCC platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet have revolutionized classrooms and meetings. But what about meeting equity? To not consider designing HyFlex spaces, those who join future meetings and classes remotely will feel unequal. They may not participate and could, eventually, resent the technology (think: Zoom Fatigue). How, then, do you design HyFlex spaces? How do you know when one is required to ensure “tech-love?”

Gary Kayye is a college professor who has designed HyFlex classrooms, so he understands the ins and outs of design, equity and more when it comes to hybrid learning. The first thing Gary has to say about HyFlex and hybrid learning is that we, the audiovisual industry, ARE the answer to the future of this type of learning. The biggest problem we will face, however, is creating intimacy. After two years of working behind the screens (pun intended), it can be hard to focus on intimacy when everyone wants to just get through their meetings. How do we make meetings intimate, accessible and equitable? How does diversity impact our meeting goals?

When it comes to the HyFlex word, it’s not just classrooms that should be questioning their intimacy and success. We need to restructure meetings and the workplace as a whole. That’s right — Gary says a total restructure needs to be done for schools, corporate spaces, conferences and more. HyFlex is a word that pertains to a space’s ability to host both in-person and virtual attendees in a manner that creates a collaborative feel. We need 4K imaging, UCC platform capabilities, projection and much more.

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Take a deep dive into what truly hybrid and HyFlex spaces are in today’s working and education world in this on demand event. We’ll explore all of this and more in the “The Future of Hybrid, Hyflex and Online Learning is All About AV” webinar. This event was sponsored by Legrand | AV.

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