Vivitek and AVer Collaborate on NovoConnect Integration

aver vivitek working together

Vivitek and AVer have partnered to make using the Vivitek NovoConnect with AVer cameras seamless.

NovoConnect enables users to integrate wireless sharing into any display in any type of room. NovoDisplay and NovoTouch displays have built-in NovoConnect functionality, with the latter being a touch panel. The NovoConnect NC-X900 and NC-X500, in particular, are communication hubs that “make any display suitable for digital signage or high-resolution wireless mirroring.”

With this announcement, users now have a wider variety of high-quality cameras to choose from with “superior wireless audiovisual capabilities that connect effortlessly with the NovoConnect Ecosystem.” Compatible Aver products include products from its ProAV and videoconferencing product lines, including the PTC310UV2, PTZ310UNV2, VB130 and CAM340+.

The PTC310UV2 and PTZ310UNV2 are ProAV cameras that perform “exceptionally well in larger-sized auditoriums or lecture halls, with the latter supporting the most advanced NDI HX3 standard,” according to AVer. For customers seeking solutions for huddle rooms to medium-sized conference rooms, AVer recommends the VB130 and CAM340+.