Nanolumens Debuts 4K CoB 0.9 All-in-One Captivate Series LED

nanolumens 4k cob led

Nanolumens announced the 4K Captivate Series, an all-in-one chip-on-board (COB) LED platform that’s native 4K resolution. The Nanolumens Captivate Series is 165” and the company says it features tighter pitches, achieving a 0.9 pixel pitch to ensure that images on Nanolumens’ displays feature “smoother borders and finer detail.” Nanolumens says this also allows viewers to stand closer to the screen and enjoy a crystal-clear image without the distraction of individual pixels. With a system depth of 2 inches, the Captivate Series can integrate into many environments. The series is available in four sizes, ranging from 120 inches to 180 inches.

Here’s a video we shot of the Captivate Series at InfoComm 2024:

Nanolumens says the Captivate Series is also designed with energy efficiency in mind. According to the company, Nanolumens displays consume significantly less energy per square foot compared to conventional digital displays. Boasting a 100,000-hour lifetime, the company says the Captivate Series also guarantees a long life-cycle.

The Captivate Series is designed to “simplify installation, ease user control and offer a cost-effective solution for various applications, from corporate meeting rooms to houses of worship, higher education facilities, and more.” Nanolumens’ turn-key installation process, facilitated by factory-trained technicians, claims to ensure efficient integration and optimal performance in under four hours. The Captivate Series is available through Nanolumens’ distribution partner, TD SYNNEX, and is available to purchase with complete installation by a trained Nanolumens technician.