VIA Announces VIA Mobile360 License Plate Recognition System

VIA Technologies today announced the launch of the VIA Mobile360 License Plate Recognition system, a computer vision solution that enables the automatic detection and recognition of license plates in real-time or from recorded footage.

Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 module, this AI-driven edge computing system collects license plate data complete with high quality images, timestamps, and GPS coordinates from up to four cameras. Its state-of-the-art license plate detection application utilizes an algorithm that detects up to 10 plates per frame – enabling the instant identification of stolen vehicles, traffic-rule violators, fine evaders, and criminal suspects by law enforcement and government agencies.

With its robust low-power design, the VIA Mobile360 License Plate Recognition System delivers ultra-reliable operation in buses, police cars, and other public service vehicles. It offers multiple hardware and software customization options to meet specific installation requirements, including support for up to four cameras, HD Digital Video Recording, remote wireless monitoring, and seamless cloud database integration.

The system also provides a flexible solution for commercial operators of parking lots, gas stations, toll roads, and other facilities to enhance the efficiency and security of their operations by automating vehicle authorization, payment, and monitoring processes.

Here are all the specs.