A VARs Guide to Handling Digital Signage Client Concerns


By Lillyan Wamaitha
Marketing Manager, Mvix

Digital signage is at a point where it sells itself, especially for larger organizations. However, a good number of small to medium-sized businesses are yet to understand the full value of digital signage. They can’t fully justify the cost, especially for services and support.

To better understand client objections, we polled our sales team at Mvix and collected the 10 most common objections they get when selling digital signage.

These objections are very similar to the ones AV integrators and resellers get from their clients. The first two concerns are:

1. Price of Media Players

When it comes to digital signage, your clients will bring up the startup cost of the hardware, as well as the ongoing costs for your managed services.

Their concerns will be:

  • “Why is the price so steep?”
  • “What comes with this price?”
  • “Why should I pay for additional services beyond the hardware?”

For subscription-free solutions, the initial price point is higher because the software is included. The advantage is that ongoing fees will be minimal, if any, because the software licensing is eliminated.

When justifying the price, remember the following:

  • High upfront costs mean your clients will free up their budgets and redirect money from licensing to content management.
  • Even though the CapEx is high, subscription-free options give the client perpetual access to dedicated digital signage software.
  • There’s free technical support.

2. Cost of Implementation and Creative Services

You’ll have clients that don’t understand the benefits of creative services. This includes configuring the software and having a team of signage experts create custom content for their digital signage.

Common client concerns include:

  • “But you said your solution is easy to use. Why do I need more services?”
  • “I just don’t need those services. I can manage the digital signage myself”

Implementation services help clients get from purchase to deployment as quickly as possible, saving them time and money. Creative services provide your client with custom and curated content that is targeted for their audiences in order to get an ROI.

Most clients fail to plan for the long term and they do not see the impact of these services on success. This is because they’re either new to digital signage or do not understand the depth of the technology and its management.

When addressing this concern, remember that:

  • Most clients are not digital signage savvy.
  • Digital signage management requires some creativity and your small clients may not have the bandwidth for this
  • Clients receive expert guidance on project planning and ongoing content management which is critical for ROI.

To see all 10 client concerns and how to address them, download the free VAR’s Roadmap to Addressing Digital Signage Concerns!