Vaddio Introduces Complete UC Meeting Room Solutions for Laptops and Tablets: the GroupSTATION and HuddleSTATION

hires-GroupSTATION_1_med-0613Vaddio has introduced two new unified communications room solutions designed for mobile laptop or tablet users to enable its computer applications for group collaboration and presentation meetings. By just connecting a laptop or tablet directly into the GroupSTATION or HuddleSTATION dock users can add HD video, wideband audio microphones and a loudspeaker system to their collaboration and presentation software.

GroupSTATION consists of two main components: a table-based MicPOD dock and a wall-mounted sound bar that incorporates an HD camera in its center.

The MicPOD Dock functions as a microphone, speakerphone, user interface and Laptop/Tablet dock for easy connection. Four microphones, each with its own independent acoustic echo canceller, provide a 360-degree pickup pattern. Vaddio’s SmartMIC technology ensures that crystal clear audio is maintained for far-end participants with hands-free operation. PC or tablet connections include HDMI or VGA to locally extend the PC’s display output to the room display.

The sound bar incorporates two audiophile-quality dual two-way loudspeaker systems with independent acoustically tuned enclosures. Two separate 30-watt Class-D amplifiers independently power each loudspeaker system and provide plenty of power for even the largest room applications. The integrated broadcast-quality HD camera features a 19x optical zoom lens and a Quick-Set manual Pan/Tilt adjustment for easy camera set up. System power, Ethernet network, HDMI and MicPOD dock connectors are all located on the back of the sound bar. A unique wall mounting system with an integrated cable tray provides for an easy, clean installation.

Vaddio’s HuddleSTATION is identical to the GroupSTATION, but is tailored for smaller meeting rooms typically designed to accommodate 4 to 6 people. As a result, HuddleSTATION has a very wide-angle (82-degree) camera lens specifically designed for the challenges of getting everyone in the camera shot. Also, the MicPOD dock microphone audio system has been tuned to eliminate the echo and increased room noise that occurs in smaller spaces.

Here are all the details.