UCC MXL Microphones Division Announced

UCC MXL microphonesMarshall Electronics has decided to set up a new UCC division of its MXL microphones team (known as the UCC MXL division) for the collaboration industry. According to Marketwatch, the UCC market size is expected to double by 2025, reaching $60 Billion. The new UCC MXL division of Marshall Electronics is in charge of developing new solutions for huddle rooms as well as medium and large conference rooms. It will also explore innovative opportunities in the video-dependent markets of telemedicine, digital classroom, virtual banking, smart factory and human resources/talent recruitment.

Trevor Fedele has been appointed to sales director of the UCC MXL division, covering both the U.S.and international markets. Perry Goldstein will be rejoining the company and will handle business development and OEM applications. Goldstein helped launch MXL’s first version of the AC-404 in 2005, which you may remember for its sound quality and easy integration with early web meeting platforms like Microsoft Skype and Google Hangouts. The early success of the AC-404 led to the collaboration with Zoom many years later and helped launch the AC-360-Z 360° microphone.

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