UC Workspace Just Launched the Best New Product for UCC Since Zoom

uc workspace ucc 0220UC Workspace’s new UCC product is called WEAV; more information is near the bottom of this product announcement but read this first to understand its positioning.

UC Workspace jumped on the scene a few years ago with a universal UX for all collaboration boards. Called Quicklaunch, it’s the maiden product of UC Workspace that allows users to securely start a meeting or digital call, regardless of collaboration platform, with a single click. Once in a meeting, users can use Quicklaunch to control virtually every aspect of the meeting as well as launch apps and access and share files. Quicklaunch supports all the major meeting provider tools such as Skype and Zoom as well as a broad array of hardware from manufacturers such as Avocor, NEC and Dell. After a meeting is over, Quicklaunch securely erases residual content from the meeting room computer, making Quicklaunch the first choice for highly secure and regulated environments.

New features and benefits of Quicklaunch version 4.0 include:

  • Functional enhancements to Tabbed and Flat mode
  • Added meeting provider features and support
  • Numerous additional meeting control settings
  • New capture card and camera support
  • Configuration and integration with UC Central and WEAV (in preview — see more below)

UC Central

So, that brings us to UC Central, which is a cloud-based meeting room control and insights hub that will help customers monitor and control their meeting rooms while providing insights that will help them maximize meeting space utilization and productivity.

Features and benefits of UC Central include:

  • Centrally control the settings all Quicklaunch enabled rooms across an organization
  • Monitor the health of meeting rooms and connected devices
  • Control the settings of a limited set of meeting room devices
  • Monitor and report on space utilization and meeting metrics
  • Monitor and report on apps used in meeting rooms
  • Reads and controls settings from devices such as room occupancy and temperature sensors
  • Provides and extensible, scalable and secure integration and management platform for a wide range of hardware and software peripherals
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Watch this video to get more details on UC Central, which is now in preview mode:


WEAV is a category-defining new product that will reshape digital sharing in the enterprise and very well could be a true game-changer. WEAV was designed to be the most flexible way of sharing screens and content, providing a revolutionary form of interaction, woven experiences.

We at rAVe think this may be the best new product to come to the UCC space since Zoom Video made its debut!

Features and benefits of WEAV include:

  • Flexibility to share content, files and screens from any device on any platform
  • Create woven experiences with or without an app
  • Sharing participant self-discovery
  • Ability to share local, network or cloud-based files
  • Screen sharing with annotation
  • Rich woven user experience including features such as
  • Shared keyboards
  • Touch through
  • Touch back
  • Touch forward
  • Magic wand (presentation highlighting)

Now in preview mode, find out more about WEAV here, or watch this video:

WEAV will be available in preview starting February 11th. For more information on everything UC Workspace is showing at ISE 2020, go here.

Here’s a video we shot of WEAV from UC Workspace at ISE 2020: