Turbosound Ships iQ Series

turbosound-iqseries-0415Turbosound today announced that it’s started to ship the new iQ Series networked loudspeaker product line.

The iQ Series combines Turbosound’s loudspeaker product with Klark Teknik’s networking and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies to create what they are  referring to as “Acoustic Integration.”

Acoustic Integration allows for changes to overall sound system performance, in real time, without ever leaving the mixing desk. Users can easily set up and adjust built-in DSP parameters directly at the loudspeakers, or remotely via PC.

Perfect for FOH and floor-wedge applications, the iQ15, iQ12, iQ10 and iQ8 two-way loudspeakers are lightweight, portable, and provide premium-quality sound. Added support for low-frequency performance comes from the iQ18B and iQ15B subwoofers, which provide exceptionally deep and powerful bass. All enclosures feature standard 35 mm pole-mount sockets, for deploying dynamic full-range systems that are ideally suited for even the most demanding sound-reinforcement applications.

The iQ Series is affordable enough for small to medium-size venues, such as theaters, schools and houses of worship — yet powerful enough to easily accommodate festival stages, dance clubs and convention center corporate events.

The full range iQ8, iQ10, iQ12, iQ15, and Q15B and iQ18B subwoofers are available starting at $549.99 and all the specs are here.