Sony Intros SLA-1A Power Line Array Speaker for Large-Format Installs

sony sls 1aSony today announced the launch of its new powered line-array speaker the SLS-1A, which is purpose-built to create a new sound field when paired with large format displays in ProAV installs.

One key feature of the modular bar-style speaker is its wide “sweet” spot, which creates a clearer sound field in larger spaces. The SLS-1A is equipped with eight magnetic fluid speakers that use a flat and square diaphragm to achieve sound with little distortion. Eight channels of DSP (digital signal processor) and an amplifier with maximum output of 10 watts are built into a minimal housing. In addition, the eight speakers are arranged at a narrow interval of 48-mm. Sony says this not only suppresses the sound distortion, but also enables beam control that controls the direction and angle of sound delivery with a high degree of accuracy.

Packing eight channels of AMP/DSP into a rigid aluminium casing, the SLS-1A can be aligned vertically or horizontally, which boosts its flexibility and multiplies its potential installations in different environments. Its modular approach means that several speakers can be added on through a single Dante connection added to flexible fine beam control allows the SLS-1A to meet the requirements of multiple installation spaces. Whether in a lecture hall or office lobby, the speaker modules can be installed both vertically and horizontally, and audio can be optimized using fine beam control to whatever the room dimensions and user needs.

This specially designed speaker features on-screen center sound localization technology using line-array display with a central “phantom” speaker, making it well suited to large displays where center channel localization is challenging due to speaker position, but also creating a uniform sound experience no matter where a viewer is positioned. The SLS-1A is designed to be paired with multiple large format display types. It can also be used with Sony’s MAS-A100 beamforming microphone.