TOA Debuts AM-CF-1 Speaker Bar and Mic Array for UCC

TOA Electronics Europe recently introduced a new digital audio conference dubbed the AM-CF1 — a microphone array and sound bar aimed at small meeting rooms and UCC applications. Combining eight beam-steering microphones with two active two-way speakers in a single device, the AM-CF1 is designed to assist in better web conferencing sound with built-in each-cancellation and TOA audio. The DSP (digital signal processor) developed by TOA supports sound pickup by effectively focusing on the sound sources in the room and improves sound quality through echo cancellation and automatic noise reduction. The direction and function of the microphones as well as the mute mode are indicated by LED lights.

The AM-CF1 can be easily installed and adapted to the room environment via a web browser. The clear operating software offers various settings such as input and output volume control, mixing, equalizer and coverage area setting (up to 6-meter range). With its in and output connections the AM-CF1 can easily be linked to existing AV systems. In addition, further participants can be connected via Bluetooth.

The AM-CF1 can be installed on the wall and, as available in both black and white, will compliment existing interiors leaving tables free for documents, sketches and ideas. Of course, the integrated sound bar can also be used for high-quality audio playback.

With the AM-CF1, TOA is expanding its broad portfolio of conference systems with an audio solution that establishes natural acoustics in online conferences — as if you are in the same room.

Here are more detailed specs.

Check out a video of the AM-CF-1 Speaker Bar and Mic Array from InfoComm 2019 below: