ComQi OnSite Allows Site-Based Content Updates for Signage Networks

A new ComQi toolset called OnSite lets digital signage network operators empower local offices and shops to update their own on-screen messaging, while still maintaining tight central office controls on approvals, scheduling and design.

Designed and developed from ground up to optimize the latest capabilities of cloud-based web services and HTML5-based presentations, ComQi’s OnSite enables staff in facilities like individual stores, branch offices, franchise locations, food service cafes or local health clinics to go online and update their on-premise digital signage screens quickly and easily.

Local managers and front-counter staff for organizations can be assigned and permitted within OnSite to update specific template-driven content pieces on specific screens, doing things like changing text or replacing image files. Designs can be “locked down” by the central office so things like layouts, logos, color and font choices cannot be changed locally.

OnSite includes a full approvals process that notifies managers or network operators of newly updated messages that require review before they can go live.

OnSite includes powerful content design tools that let central teams produce engaging, lively messaging that includes full animations, and tight controls over layouts and timing.

While designed for use by local offices, the back-end structural design of OnSite enables central managers to easily assign and schedule content across dozens, 100s or 1,000s of screens. Driven by a powerful database, the platform is malleable enough for specific offices and screens to be influenced by multiple groups and variables.

OnSite is a component of EnGage, ComQi’s flagship content management solution, which is used by major retail brands, corporate offices, health care and education facilities around the globe.