March 2024 Temperature Check Results: Unified Communications

MAR 2024 Results

Congratulations on surviving another April Fools! Welcome to our monthly breakdown of the results of our Temperature Check survey. For the month of March, we focused our questions on the ever-changing market of Unified Communications. We spoke with Jeremy Caldera of Pearl Technology and Ben Slattery of McCann to get some professional insight on the results of the survey.


On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the current effectiveness of unified communications solutions in meeting the diverse needs of businesses organizations (1)

For our first question, we ask respondents how they would rate the current effectiveness of unified communications solutions in meeting the diverse needs of businesses and organizations. The large majority of respondents agreed that UCC solutions are very effective.

Slattery agreed with respondents that current unified communications solutions are effective. In order to increase effectiveness, he said that businesses need to understand how to accommodate every participant and provide consistent meeting equity across the board.

“Standard cameras getting that traditional ‘wide shot’ of the long conference table do not provide the equity for the far end viewer.  Being able to see who is clearly speaking allows the remote participants to feel like they are a part of the meeting and in the room with the others,” he said.


What are the primary challenges you face when implementing or utilizing unified communications technologies within your projects or organization (1)

Our next question asked respondents what the primary challenges they face in the implementation or utilization of unified communications technologies within projects and organizations. The results were fairly even, with user adoption and training difficulties having a slight majority.

Caldera agreed that user adoption and training difficulties are generally the most difficult aspect of implementing UCC solutions. Caldera said other challenges depend more on the type of end user.

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As far as mitigating the challenge of user adoption, Slattery says that Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco have done a good job of standardizing the user experience. To make this standardization more impactful, Slattery suggests businesses provide consistent training and documentation on how to utilize the space to it full potential.

Which factors most influence the selection of unified communications solutions in your experience (1)

Our final question centered around what factor are most influential the selection of UCC solutions.

Caldera noted that importance of each factor depends on the end user, but said that generally speaking, user experience and adoption along with cost effectiveness are “at the forefront.”

Slattery added that the most influential factor is which vendor the client wants to work with, and that McCann differentiates itself with customer service.

“Frankly, any integrator can purchase these UC systems and often, they are similarly priced.  The decision comes down to who the client wants to work with,” he said.

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