The Way the Ball Bounces: AV Style

womens basketball madrid
FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup 2023 images courtesy of FIBA Media

For the very first time, the world governing body for basketball allowed a state-of-the-art court with an interactive video floor.

In Madrid, the site of the FIBA Under-19 Women’s Basketball World Cup 2023, players dribbled over an innovative ASB GlassFloor.

While fans didn’t “dribble” in the same way, their mouths were certainly left agape.

The basketball court now becomes an operating system, thanks to the “GlassCourt OS,” a partnership with ASB GlassFloor, dandelion + burdock, and Rapati Studio.

An interactive software solution to integrate data from third parties (player and ball tracking systems, sports and health data platforms, and coaching applications), as a hub GlassCourt OS processes real-time data, displaying “visually stunning and informational graphics directly on the glass sports floor.”

GlassCourt OS seamlessly integrates and synchronises the ASB GlassFloor with LED boards and video cubes, so you have real-time, contextual overlays that inform spectator, athlete or coach. The result: AV brings an unprecedented level of engagement and value for athletes, clubs, associations, sponsors, and — most importantly — fans.

It’s good business. Sponsorship placements can change dynamically, interactive half-time shows can heighten fan engagement and augmented reality can create viral moments. The newly developed tool combines emotional storytelling based on real athletes’ performance, providing superior training applications as well as entertainment modules that invite fan engagement at every level.

At the same time, if not in game mode, it can be the most advanced coaching tool in the world as it uses player tracking in real-time.

Who won the FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup? Most people will tell you that in a tight contest, USA beat Spain 69-66.

But the real winner is the AV industry.

These floors are more expensive and the only reason to buy and use them is because AV adds value. More interactive floors will follow in Europe. Already one of Germany’s best-known handball clubs adopts the ASB GlassFloor, citing sustainability, profitability, and health as the factors tipping the scales in favor of the acquisition.