The Productivity Playlist

By now you should now that I’m partial to music, high resolution audio and productivity. What you may not know is how much I rely on music to guide me through my day-to-day task, at work, at home and everywhere in-between. Music can set the stage, the tone and pace to any project at hand.

Today, I spent my entire day working on multiple projects, all of which were completed while listening to a soundtrack of my choosing. Each task was different; all of them utilized music from either my cell phone, a digital assistant, a streaming/smart speaker or the more traditional loudspeaker, and in each instance, I was highly motivated to complete the task, all while deeply engaged and focused, all because I had the correct playlists to keep me going and on schedule.

It’s my belief that everyone is motivated by something different and that everyone can also benefit by adding a productivity playlist to their day. Whether you are handling multiple projects daily or just one a day, a productivity playlist is crucial to getting your drive, ambition, motivation and overall direction aligned for each project.

Focus is something that is easily lost and something that can easily be maintained when the proper music is set for your task. Drive and initiative are maintained if your playlist’s BPM is high vs. slow and low, but is also long-lasting when the sound track is high energy. The tone of your playlist may typically reflect one’s “mood,” but should rather reflect the mood of what you goal is for each project: If you want to solve a problem, you wouldn’t necessarily put on some Norwegian black speed metal, would you? If creativity is needed, perhaps I’d suggest classical, or even electronic music to inspire thoughts.

Whatever desired effect you are needing to achieve, a productivity playlist can be created in most streaming media services. My suggestion to you is to poke around your favorite streaming music service of choice, make a playlist; the overall list doesn’t need to be perfect just yet. For now, make one. Update it as time progresses, get suggestions from your friends and family. You can even share this playlist with them and ask for advice so that you can get better results. Another option is asking for them to share their playlists with you; trust me, they have some to share, productivity related or not. From here, your playlist will evolve and from it, new ones will be created and curated.

The curation process is where you will learn about your productivity needs and wants. Nobody knows you better, than yourself; and so, as you develop your playlists, you will start to learn what genres are best for you, what songs speak to you and how long your play lists should be, based on each task.

Feel free to reach out to me for audio advice and playlist suggestions — I’ll even send you some of my personal favorites. Just email me all inquiries at:

Now you have one of the greatest tools at your disposal, they only question is: How will you use it?