The Ripple Effect — Your Premeeting Chatter Matters

September 26, 2019

The science of meetings is fascinating. How do we best communicate with one another when we find ourselves sitting across from each other in a conference room? How do we solve problems, build confidence in one another, share? It’s an interesting area of our lives to explore — particularly because the workday is composed of […]

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The Productivity Playlist

August 13, 2018

By now you should now that I’m partial to music, high resolution audio and productivity. What you may not know is how much I rely on music to guide me through my day-to-day task, at work, at home and everywhere in-between. Music can set the stage, the tone and pace to any project at hand. […]

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Making the Four Tendencies Work for You

February 24, 2017

Last year at InfoComm, a friend from the industry who follows me on various social media platforms came up to me and said something like this, “I hate you! You’re so productive! How do you manage to work a difficult job, raise a kid, run half marathons and make craft projects?” I said something about […]

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Daily Productivity Management For AV Pros

July 28, 2015

Although it’s not my focus these days, I still frequently get asked to coach and train salespeople. It’s not always sales skills that I’m asked to coach either. Personal growth means working on your weaknesses, and not every salesperson needs more sales training. A little while ago I was asked to provide some coaching for […]

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