The Cable Diaries: The Money Factor of Cutting Cable

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cable-tv-moneyI am so glad that so many of you are relating to this whole “Cutting Cable” saga / debate / decision my husband and I are going through right now. Man, it really sounds like we have a problem, doesn’t it? No, that is not the case at all. It’s just this is one of those things that we are currently trying to figure out and so I figured writing about it in the blog section of this, you know, AV publication that I work for, might be beneficial for both me (to work out my thoughts) and for the readers who happen to also be consumers of television.

Anyway, in this week’s edition of The Cable Diaries, we’re talking about one of the factors that is often the largest factor for those who are considering cutting cable: MONEYYou know, DOLLA DOLLA BILLS, y’all. 

I mean, a big motivational factor for my husband and I is CERTAINLY getting rid of the awfulness that is “Schmime Schwarner Schmable” – but another and almost equally important factor is saving money.

My husband and I are set to bring a child into this world within the next three months and so saving our pennies is very important to us. But, will cutting cable REALLY save us that much money?

Now, I’m not a numbers person, but let’s do the math here… together:

What we are paying CURRENTLY:

-Cable and internet: $135/month (and remember, the service is spotty AT BEST)
-Netflix: $9/month

Monthly grand total for television viewing and entertainment privileges: $144/month (or $1,728/year)

If we cut cable, what we would / could feasibly pay:

-Netflix: $9/month
-Hulu Plus: $8/month
-Amazon Prime: $79/year (or approximately $6.60/month)
-Internet: $40/month (now, this is variable… I’ve been trying to price out internet only options for GOOD internet… I have yet to find one that I REALLY feel confident would be good, but let’s say this $40/month is medium case scenario)

Monthly (approximate) grand total for entertainment privileges: approximately $64/month (or $763/year)

Total savings with cutting cable and going this theoretical route: $80/month (or $965/year)

So, $80, while it doesn’t seem like much, could be extra grocery money, or money in savings, or even a nice dinner out… but is it a game changer?

Now, I ask you, the readers and fellow consumers: what factors am I NOTconsidering? Am I missing anything in my calculations? What else should I be including (or not including)?