The Business Case for an Enterprise-Grade Wireless Infrastructure Strategy


As more wireless devices are used to control and interact with automation systems, electronic systems contractors (ESCs) face a substantial challenge: selling and supporting a robust wireless platform that can service the client’s automation system and general wireless computing needs.

Providing reliable, consistent wireless access requires a keen understanding of enterprise-grade Wi-Fi technology. ESCs must also have the skill to design, program, and implement this type of wireless networking platform.

The good news is, there is a strategy available that offers an opportunity for both greater project profitability and system reliability: enterprise-grade managed Wi-Fi with a centrally managed wireless controller.

To help ESCs develop this service offering, CEDIA’s Technology Advisory Group is creating a new Mobile Devices in Residential Systems Integration white paper series that both examines and recommends best practices for the adoption of mobile devices as being core to a company’s strategy for a converged IP ecosystem in the home.

The first installment in this series, titled The Business Case: Why Your Business Needs an Enterprise-Grade Wireless Infrastructure Strategy, is now available. This document focuses on why an ESC business needs an enterprise-grade wireless infrastructure strategy.

“Mobile device integration is a very real part of our industry’s future. It’s not going away,” said Dave Pedigo, senior director of technology. “Through these white papers, we hope to provide our members with guidance to navigate this emerging market opportunity.”

The new white paper is available free of charge for CEDIA members and $9.99 for non-members in the CEDIA Marketplace. Additional white papers on this topic will be released throughout 2012.