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Sydney Paulk

With the quest for a simplified “wow” factor, the use of all-in-one dvLED solutions continues to grow. These solutions offer stunning displays and unparalleled performance coupled with seamless integration and easy maintenance — in other words, an integrator’s dream.

Keep reading to dive into the captivating realm of all-in-one dvLED solutions and unravel the multitude of advantages they bring to diverse applications, followed by some of our favorite all-in-one dvLED solutions.

Benefits of All-in-One dvLED Solutions

An all-in-one dvLED solution comes with a plethora of benefits, starting with simplified installation.

Typically a dvLED installation requires coordination with multiple vendors and ensuring all of the pieces will work together. By purchasing an all-in-one system, integrators can save time (and money!) and bypass the need to research and test the interoperability of the dvLED system. All of that will also lead to less complexity during installation — set-up and wiring take significantly less time on-site.

Once installed, the system will be able to have a streamlined maintenance process. Because all of the dvLED components are designed to work together seamlessly, and consistently, there will be significantly less troubleshooting involved. Plus, maintenance and repairs will be more straightforward than a typical installation. All of this can minimize downtown during maintenance and repairs.

The initial cost for an all-in-one dvLED system may be off-putting at first as it can seem higher than sourcing individual components. But the total cost of ownership can change that. When you factor in reduced installation and maintenance cost — along with lower long-term operating costs — there should be an overall savings.

Finally, an all-in-one dvLED solution offers the same image quality you’d expect from any other dvLED solution meaning you don’t have to sacrifice any bit of the “wow” factor dvLEDs bring to your installation.

All-in-One dvLED Solutions from TD SYNNEX

TD SYNNEX offers a wide variety of all-in-one dvLED solutions. From display systems to mounting systems, here are some highlighted products from TD SYNNEX:

Absen Absenicon E Series

Available in 116-, 130- and 158-in. sizes, this LED screen from Absen is designed to bring ultimate efficiency, collaboration, immersion and intelligent functions to business meetings, smart classrooms and other scenarios. Following a “less, but better” philosophy, the all-in-one design features integrated, streamlined structure and a simple, elegant appearance. It includes full-screen calibration, a built-in control system, an invisible cable design, wireless screen mirroring and more.

Barco XT 165” LED Video Wall

This all-in-one package from Barco not only contains the necessary LED panels to build a full HD video display, but it also includes the company’s in-house-developed image processing Infinipix, all data and power cables and wall mounting structure. In other words, everything you need to build your LED video wall in the fastest way possible. This pre-configured package includes XT 1.9 LED panels, image processing, cables and mounting structure.

Chief Direct View LED Universal Mount

The next generation of TiLED dvLED Wall Mounts is a universal modular system compatible with a multitude of 27-in. panels regardless of manufacturer make or model. New floating button-capture technology and mounting hardware streamlines specifying, ordering and installation. One set of part numbers can be ordered and stocked globally to fulfill a variety of video wall installation needs. Starter mounts can be ordered in 2, 3 or 4-panel lengths and mixed and matched with extender mounts to achieve the exact installation height needed. This product is set to begin shipping in June 2024.

LG All-in-One Direct View LED

LG’s LED All-in-One LAEC series has two sizes of screens; 136-in. and 163-in. The LAEC series is offered as an all-in-one package including an embedded controller and built-in speaker. After a simple installation process that neither requires controller connections or module configuration, all the user needs to do is to turn on the screen with the remote control like a home TV. The LAEC series is also compatible with LG One: Quick Share, a wireless screen-sharing solution.

Nanolumens Captivate Series

This all-in-one solution from Nanolumens combines a display, mount and remote control into one easy-to-install unit. It features a simple 16:9 format that ranges from 1080p up to full 4K UHD. This dvLED solution is available in 120-, 150-, 165- and 180-in. and can be installed on a wall or via an optional rolling floor stand. In addition, Nanolumens offers white glove installation for this product.

Philips Unite LED AIO

At ISE 2024, PPDS launched the Philips Unite LED All In One Series, which offers 4K and 8K larger-than-life viewing for a range of environments. Designed and developed using both customer feedback with market intelligence, the new Philips Unite LED AIO 16:9 range consists of four exciting new models — the 4000, 4200, 5000 and 7000 Series. These dvLED displays are designed to provide fast, seamless and connected solutions for businesses looking to transition away from smaller LCD screens and existing videowalls to larger, more versatile, bezel-free LED displays.

Samsung The Wall

The Wall by Samsung provides a total display solution for any business. Its low-reflection black technology delivers unparalleled contrast while offering superior color purity and a wider color gamut than conventional LED displays. The device and content can be managed from any location via remote access, thanks to its MagicINFO technology. Calibration is simple and instant — requiring nothing more than a mobile phone and a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, The Wall offers front access to critical signage components to ensure a tidy activation free of catwalk space.

ViewSonic All-in-One Direct View LED Display

The ViewSonic LDM231-251 is a cutting-edge 231-in. all-in-one LED display designed to elevate visual and auditory experiences in high-end corporate and educational environments. Boasting 600-nit brightness, a 6,500:1 contrast ratio and a 3,840Hz refresh rate – complemented by dual 30W speakers – this display ensures clarity and immersive audio for every video, presentation or lecture. The All-in-One design seamlessly streamlines installation, allowing two people to set it up within two hours, thereby minimizing labor costs and downtime.

Learn More About All-in-One dvLED Solutions

Interested in learning more about all-in-one dvLED solutions? TD SYNNEX is your one-stop shop! With solutions from companies like Samsung, LG, Absen and more, we have the dvLED products you need for your next project. Click here to reach out to our team and learn more.