TASCAM Intros Rackmount Clock Generators

tascam-2000-0314TASCAM today introduced three clock generators. Each one is specially designed for particular market segments: CG-2000, designed for the broadcasting and post-production; the CG-1800, designed for post-production using NTSC, PAL, HD Tri-level; and the CG-1000, for recording studios and sound musicians. Each unit is equipped with a precision internal clock called OCXO (Oven Controlled Xtal Oscillator) and feature a more accurate clock system when using a rubidium clock or GPS 10MHz clock.

The CG-2000 is a video sync/master clock generator designed to meet the on-site needs for broadcasting and post-production. This unit improves redundancy for both the power supply and video/audio clock.

The CG-1800 is a video sync/master clock generator for post-production and supports NTSC, PAL, HD Tri-level for video, word, AES 3/11 and S/P DIF for audio. This video sync/master clock generator is a necessary building block for the creation of flexible, high-quality audio synchronization systems.

The CG-1000 is a master clock generator designed with recording studios, sound engineers and professional musicians in mind. High quality OCXO offers what TASCAM says is a supremely accurate clock. The external input supports up to 10MHz and offers a more accurate clock system using rubidium clock or GPS 10MHz clock.

Here are all the specifics.