Mimo Monitors Supplies Touch-Screen Controllers to Lenovo Smart Collaboration Business

February 21, 2023

Mimo Monitors announced a partnership with Lenovo that sees them supply multiple touchscreen controllers, as part of Lenovo’s Smart Collaboration business, to Lenovo. “When looking for a partner in the Smart Collaboration business, we sought out Mimo because of their impressive pedigree and knowledge of how to create an optimal product that fills an important […]

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Mimo Monitors Introduces Unify Meeting Software Solution

August 10, 2022

Mimo Monitors just launched a software solution that combines Zoom, Meet and teams into one UI. Unify Meeting displays the calendar at all times, allowing the user to see daily schedules and upcoming meetings. When it’s time for a meeting, the user simply taps the calendar invite, and the app opens the correct videoconference software […]

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5 Things You Missed During the Mimo Monitors LAVNCH & LEARN

October 1, 2021

So you missed the Mimo Monitors LAVNCH & LEARN, did you? If only there were a way you could watch it on your own time, at your own pace … wait a second, there is! In fact, you can tune in right now to rewatch the event. In case you want a quick overview of what […]

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Mimo Monitors Launches Mimo Myst Link Display

January 29, 2021

Mimo Monitors just announce the launch of its Mimo Myst Link display. This 10.1” touch display, designed with UCC conference rooms in mind, is the first AV-over-IP display with HDMI capture capability. Eliminating extraneous cords and making setup quick, the Mimo Myst Link provides conference room flexibility and minimizes the need for additional extenders IT […]

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Mimo Provides PoE Touch Controller for New Lenovo Google Meet UCC Appliance

September 17, 2020

Mimo Monitors has launched a Ethernet-powered Series One Touch Controller is included in the new Series One Google Meet hardware kit from Lenovo. Designed from the ground up by Google Cloud and Mimo Monitors, this new touch screen controller is connected and powered over a single Ethernet (CAT5e) cable. Combining software and hardware together, the […]

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Mimo Monitors and Revel Digital Software Teamed Up to Make a Touch-Free, Temperature-Taking Platform

May 28, 2020

Mimo Monitors joined forces with Revel Digital software to create a touch-free, temperature-taking platform using its digital signage tech. Designed for entrances to grocery stores, office buildings, schools, assisted living facilities and more, this so-called “enterprise-grade platform” is customizable to ensure it can optimize every business’s needs. It contains the premium Mimo Monitors hardware display […]

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Mimo and Tanvas Partner for Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch, Adding Haptic Touch for UCC and Signage

June 24, 2019

Mimo Monitors joined forces with Tanvas and launched Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch at InfoComm 2019; it’s the first commercial touchscreen that brings programmable textures and feelings to flat, physical surfaces. This software-defined technology allows people to feel what they see on screen. Here’s a video we shot of it during InfoComm earlier this month: Leveraging […]

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Mimo Monitors and Tanvas Debuts First Haptic Touchscreen for Digital Signage at InfoComm 2019

June 10, 2019

Mimo Monitors partnered with Tanvas to launch the Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch at InfoComm 2019. The 10.1” touchscreen has the textures and feeling of a physical push-button surface (think 3D-Touch on the iPhone). TanvasTouch technology is solid state and software-defined, making it possible to program textures, bumps, edges and collisions that can be felt with […]

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Mimo Vue Monitors Now Have BrightSign Built-In

October 11, 2018

BrightSign and Mimo Monitors announced availability of the new line of BrightSign-enabled displays, beginning with the 10.1″ open frame capacitive touch display. The small-format monitors are designed for commercial and corporate applications such as kiosk information systems, gaming and amusement, POP/POS as well as conference room scheduling. The new line of Mimo Vue monitors include […]

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Almo ProAV Enters Distribution Agreement with Mimo Monitors

September 20, 2018

Almo Professional A/V today announced it has entered a distribution partnership with Mimo Monitors, a manufacturer in small touchscreen monitors, displays and tablets. As part of the new relationship, Mimo Monitors has joined the Almo E4 AV Tour, which is coming to Boston on September 21 and Nashville on October 25 and 26. According to […]

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Mimo Monitors Launches Its First HDMI Capture Card at InfoComm

June 6, 2018

Mimo Monitors announced today that it’s launching its new stand-alone HDMI Capture Card, the first for the company, at InfoComm 2018 in booth N2446. The Mimo Monitors HDMI Capture Card was requires no external power and is designed for video conferencing, live streaming and has no drivers to install and leverages the capabilities already built […]

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