Mimo Provides PoE Touch Controller for New Lenovo Google Meet UCC Appliance

mimo monitors poe touch controller

Mimo Monitors has launched a Ethernet-powered Series One Touch Controller is included in the new Series One Google Meet hardware kit from Lenovo. Designed from the ground up by Google Cloud and Mimo Monitors, this new touch screen controller is connected and powered over a single Ethernet (CAT5e) cable.

Combining software and hardware together, the Series One Google Meet hardware kit provides a video conference room solution.

This Series One Touch Controller, specifically designed for Google Meet in partnership with Lenovo to be a conference room interface, provides an innovative AV-over-IP solution that reduces installation costs and complexities while eliminating the need for an abundance of cables often found in typical conference rooms. This touch screen controller is human-scaled and has a sleek low-profile design to maximize space and minimize clutter, enriching video conferencing.

The Series One room kits are available in two colors, charcoal, and chalk to integrate into any conference room design. The kit will be available beginning at the start of November and range in price from $3,000 to $3,999.