Mimo and Tanvas Partner for Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch, Adding Haptic Touch for UCC and Signage

Mimo Monitors joined forces with Tanvas and launched Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch at InfoComm 2019; it’s the first commercial touchscreen that brings programmable textures and feelings to flat, physical surfaces. This software-defined technology allows people to feel what they see on screen.

Here’s a video we shot of it during InfoComm earlier this month:

Leveraging the idea that most people are already familiar with how to engage with small interactive touchscreens (aka: iPhones and 3D Touch), this new technology is completely programmable and customizable. It has a wide variety of applications including retail, museums, conference rooms, automotive, accessibility and much more. And, we suspect you will see touchscreen controllers in the AV market incorporate this, eventually. In addition, how there are applications for this in room signage, too.

The Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch is available now and here are all the specs.