Mimo Monitors and Tanvas Debuts First Haptic Touchscreen for Digital Signage at InfoComm 2019

Mimo Monitors partnered with Tanvas to launch the Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch at InfoComm 2019. The 10.1” touchscreen has the textures and feeling of a physical push-button surface (think 3D-Touch on the iPhone). TanvasTouch technology is solid state and software-defined, making it possible to program textures, bumps, edges and collisions that can be felt with a swipe of the finger.

This video is a good demo of how it works:

This new technology is completely programmable and customizable and we can see it being used in retail, museums, conference rooms, automotive, accessibility and more. Several digital signage and software leaders have already begun integrating TanvasTouch technology into their software products including BrightSign, Intuiface and KioWare, too.

If you want to learn more, go here.