Mimo Monitors Introduces Unify Meeting Software Solution

mimo monitors unify meeting

Mimo Monitors just launched a software solution that combines Zoom, Meet and teams into one UI. Unify Meeting displays the calendar at all times, allowing the user to see daily schedules and upcoming meetings. When it’s time for a meeting, the user simply taps the calendar invite, and the app opens the correct videoconference software in its standardized UI format, without the user needing to open the conferencing application manually. Mimo says Unify Meeting works best on a second or third screen and is designed for a minimum of a 7” touch screen display. If the user chooses, the videoconferencing application’s original UI is still displayed and functional.

A Unify Meeting subscription costs $2.99 per month, $35.88 per year or is included with any purchase of Mimo Monitors USBTouch Display.