intoPix and Providius Partner for Integration of JPEG XS Tech into Providius Broadcast Media Guard

June 8, 2023

intoPIX and Providius are unveiling the integration of the intoPIX JPEG XS technology into the Providius Broadcast Media Guard (BMG), which acquires, decodes, and analyzes a wide variety of IP media flows. Providius offers solutions that passively analyze both the IT and the broadcast side of operations, providing a concise picture of systems in real-time. […]

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intoPIX Integrates TicoXS FIP IP Core Into PlexusAV AVN4 4K Transceiver

June 7, 2023

intoPIX is pleased to announce the integration of its advanced TicoXS FIP IP core into the new PlexusAV AVN4 4K transceiver, based on SMPTE ST2110, which eliminates the stress of selecting an AV-over-IP technology by leveraging a standards-based solution. PlexusAV is a human-focused AV-over-IP ecosystem. Founded in 2023 by Sencore, PlexusAV leverages a standards-based solution […]

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intoPIX and Providius Partner to Integrate JPEG XS Technology and BMG

June 5, 2023

intoPIX and Providius are partnering for the integration and management of the intoPIX JPEG XS technology with the Providius Broadcast Media Guard (BMG), which acquires, decodes and analyzes a wide variety of IP media flows. Providius says it offers solutions that passively analyze both the IT and the broadcast side of operations, providing a picture of systems […]

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intoPIX and Village Island Release VICO-XI with JPEG XS Codec

April 13, 2023

intoPIX and Village Island jointly announced the release of VICO-XI, which is equipped with the intoPIX visually lossless JPEG XS codec, allowing IP conversion between uncompressed ST2110-20 streams and JPEG XS compressed ST2110-22 streams of 4K and HD video. “Our customers who have moved to ‘All-IP’ for their studio and workflows, are still challenged with […]

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Several New Lawo Products Will Be Natively JPEG XS Compliant

April 12, 2023

intoPIX and Lawo jointly announced that several new Lawo products will be natively JPEG XS-compliant thanks to Lawo’s adoption of the intoPIX TicoXS codec. Support for the lossless JPEG XS compression technology in HD, 3G and UHD video-format resolutions will allow users of Lawo’s new HOME-managed Apps, which run on standard servers, to encode, process […]

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Panasonic Adopts IPMX for AV-over-IP in Future PTZ Cameras

April 6, 2023

Panasonic Connect announced its partnership with intoPIX regarding the integration of its JPEG XS technology in its PTZ and studio cameras. The company made the strategic move to JPEG XS technology by adopting the intoPIX TicoXS IP cores, which will allow their camera line-up to interface directly with live production workflows supporting SMPTE ST 2110 […]

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intoPIX and ERECA Collaborate to Integrate JPEG XS Codec Into Stage Racer 2

April 4, 2023

intoPIX and ERECA have joined forces to introduce an addition to the broadcast industry: the integration of the ultra-low latency JPEG XS codec into the ERECA Stage Racer 2, a complete optical fiber transmission solution for all types of broadcast events. “intoPIX is proud to collaborate with ERECA to deliver a superior transmission solution for […]

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intoPIX Will Show IPMX Integration in AV-over-IP Chip — This Likely Means Crestron NVX Will Do IPMX, Too

January 26, 2023

intoPIX is set to demonstrate the TicoXS FIP codec running in many challenging environments, various processors and for various applications at ISE 2023: as CPU or GPU software senders and receivers using laptops or mini PCs, into Intel FPGA or Xilinx FPGA, within an 8K and a 4K over gigabit-based IP network and also combined […]

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intoPIX Announced the new HFR Capabilities for its TicoXS Encoders, Decoders

November 17, 2022

Today intoPIX announced the release of new HFR capabilities in its large range of available JPEG XS capable encoders and decoders, called TicoXS. The new capabilities allow using a lightweight TicoXS IP-core for high-speed encoding (and decoding). Depending on the selected IP-core, 4K can go up to 480fps, HD up to 1920fps — both in […]

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intoPIX Debuts Lineup of FastTicoRAW & FastTicoXS Codecs

September 8, 2022

intoPIX today debuted its lineup of FastTicoRAW & FastTicoXS (JPEG XS) Codecs optimized for ARM chipsets, including Apple silicon and the M1 chip. intoPIX ARM SDKs are highly optimized for the new processors used by major computer hardware manufacturers including Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. Through these optimizations, software applications, such as Live Production or Editing and including intoPIX […]

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intoPIX and Deltacast Add Support for JPEG XS and SMPTE 2110-22

September 6, 2022

intoPIX and Deltacast have added support for JPEG XS & SMPTE 2110-22 using DELTACAST IP Virtual Card. The IP Virtual Card is a software stack allowing video capture and streaming using standard COTS network cards (NIC). This compatibility with any NIC makes the IP Virtual Card unique for developers to accelerate the transition to IP workflows. Using JPEG XS safeguards all advantages of an uncompressed stream […]

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Crestron’s NVX Chip Company, intoPix, Collaborates with IPMX at InfoComm

June 9, 2022

intoPIX is one of the dozen companies joining AIMS (Alliance for IP Media Solutions) for live SMPTE ST2110 & IPMX interoperability demonstrations during InfoComm 2022. intoPIX is the technology company behind JPEG 2000, TicoXS and other codecs used in AV-over-IP products, including Crestron’s NVX product line. The new IPMX FPGA-based reference design jointly developed with […]

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Nextera Video and Adeas Team Up With intoPIX to Demo IPMX AV-over-IP Proposed Standard at ISE 2022

May 10, 2022

Nextera Video and Adeas, two companies in the FPGA IP space, have teamed with intoPIX, the AV-over-IP chip company used inside the Crestron NVX, to demonstrate a reference design using the new IPMX AVoIP proposed standard at the ISE 2022 show in Barcelona this week. The IPMX design transports 4Kp60 444 over 1-Gb combining intoPIX TicoXS Encoder/Decoder & […]

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intoPIX Adds Flawless Imaging Profile to ‘TicoXS FIP’ Codec

May 5, 2022

AV-over-IP chip company, intoPIX, has recently extended its range of JPEG XS codecs with the addition of the Flawless Imaging Profile (FIP) in its “TicoXS FIP” Codec. The TicoXS FIP FPGA cores and software implementations allow indeed to distribute and extend 4K & 8K audiovisual content with super-low latency and perfect quality on both existing Cat5e […]

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intoPIX TicoRAW Technology Integrated Into Nikon Z 9 Mirrorless Camera

December 7, 2021

intoPIX announced that Nikon has selected its TicoRAW technology to be integrated into the new generation of Nikon cameras, including the Z 9 mirrorless camera. The new Z 9 camera offers High-Efficiency RAW recording up to 8K and 60fps and is available through the 2022 firmware update. TicoRAW is a RAW codec that can offer compression efficiency with low […]

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intoPIX Updates JPEG XS Codecs, Adds ‘Flawless Imaging Profile’ in TicoXS FIP Codec

November 29, 2021

intoPIX has improved its JPEG XS codecs with the addition of something called the Flawless Imaging Profile (FIP) in its “TicoXS FIP” Codec. The JPEG XS codecs are used by many AV-over-IP manufacturers (including Crestron in its NVX lineup).  The lightweight TicoXS FIP FPGA cores and software implementations allow the extension of both 4K and 8K AV […]

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Here’s How Audinate Added Video to Dante: intoPIX

February 5, 2019

intoPIX announced today that Audinate will use intoPIX’s ProAV JPEG 2000 technology within their new Dante AV Design Suite for use with the newly announced Dante AV Module. At ISE 2019, Audinate is launching Dante AV as a video-capable extension to the world’s most popular audio-over-IP ecosystem Dante. This is the same 1G technology being […]

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intoPIX Shows 8K AV-Over-IP at InfoComm 2018

June 6, 2018

intoPIX has extended its IP-cores, SDKs and Reference Designs suitable for different network requirements (e.g., 1 Gig or 10 Gig) at InfoComm in Las Vegas, June 6-8. As a point of reference, Crestron uses intoPIX for their AV-over-IP solution, the NVX. The company will be demonstrating their 8K TICO FPGA IP-coresat at InfoComm in booth […]

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Crestron Uses intoPIX JPEG 2000 Technology in New AV-Over-IP DigitalMedia NVX Series

February 7, 2017

Crestron announced their entry into the video-over-IP market with the new DigitalMedia NVX Series. The DigitalMedia NVX is basically a series of encoders (VGA, HDMI, etc) to 1-Gig Ethernet network and then decoders (1-Gig Ethernet to HDMI, VGA, etc.) and then you use a standard 1-Gig capable switch or router to send the AV signal […]

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