Crestron Uses intoPIX JPEG 2000 Technology in New AV-Over-IP DigitalMedia NVX Series

Crestron announced their entry into the video-over-IP market with the new DigitalMedia NVX Series. The DigitalMedia NVX is basically a series of encoders (VGA, HDMI, etc) to 1-Gig Ethernet network and then decoders (1-Gig Ethernet to HDMI, VGA, etc.) and then you use a standard 1-Gig capable switch or router to send the AV signal (video, audio and control) to multiple destinations and control it via a control system. Crestron is actually using intoPIX’s JPEG 2000 technology in its new DigitalMedia NVX Series architecture, their AV over IP networking system. It’s debuting here at ISE. The intoPIX FPGA based compression algorithm is what is enabling the DigitalMedia NVX Series to deliver a 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video within a standard 1-Gigabit Ethernet network.

And, Crestron is claiming “no latency.”

Here are full specs on the product [PDF].

If you want to know who intoPIX is, go here.