Control4 Announces UK Availability of Amazon Alexa

Control4 Corporation today announces the Smart Home Skill for Amazon Alexa is now available in the UK. When coupled with a subscription to Control4’s remote access software 4Sight, this new skill gives UK homeowners the ability to control thousands of devices on the Control4 system through simple and intuitive voice commands.

Control4 works with more than 10,000 popular connected devices such as lighting, audio, video, security and thermostats — enabling whole-home control and automation by voice. Through this integration with Amazon Alexa, Control4 customers in the UK can now use voice to control individual devices such as lights and thermostats or to activate multi-device scenes that are pre-set for daily conveniences as well as set the mood, ambiance or simple expediencies.

With Control4 and Alexa, homeowners can issue natural voice commands such as “Alexa, turn on Cooking,” and the programmed “cooking” scene will raise the lights in the kitchen, lower the shades, adjust the thermostat and turn on the telly to a preset food channel — all with a single voice command. Or, a verbal “Alexa, turn off flat” command can shut down the home — turning off all of the lights, lowering the thermostat to night mode and locking the doors.

Control4 is here.