intoPIX Updates JPEG XS Codecs, Adds ‘Flawless Imaging Profile’ in TicoXS FIP Codec

intoPIX Flawless Imaging Profile TicoXS FIPintoPIX has improved its JPEG XS codecs with the addition of something called the Flawless Imaging Profile (FIP) in its “TicoXS FIP” Codec. The JPEG XS codecs are used by many AV-over-IP manufacturers (including Crestron in its NVX lineup). 

The lightweight TicoXS FIP FPGA cores and software implementations allow the extension of both 4K and 8K AV content with low latency using Cat5e ethernet cables and the new Wi-Fi 6 wireless technologies. Benefits of TicoXS FIP include:

  • Microsecond latency with enhanced image quality in any situation and with any content with frame-accurate switching capabilities.
  • Cost-efficient and sustainable to carry 4K and 8K over existing 1 (ONE) Gigabit Ethernet network using the largely deployed Cat5e cables.
    • The video bandwidth is low enough to carry video, audio and other data over the same wire.
    • JPEG XS with the Flawless Imaging Profile offers all the necessary capabilities to compress the most demanding graphics, excel spreadsheets and test patterns on top of gaming, cinema or live content at low bitrate; down to 36 to 1 if needed.
  • Facilitated convergence between ProAV distribution and media production.
    • AV-over-IP interoperability is possible due to the use of open specifications promoted via IPMX and SMPTE 2110 with the JPEG XS standard.
  • Robust decoder with error control and recovery of any corrupted content.
  • Small 4K and 8K IP cores for FPGA and ASIC are available.
    • This is combined with low power, low memory usage and low footprint.
    • Include support of 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 subsampling; 8-,10- and12-bit depth with HDR; and with reference designs available on both Xilinx & Intel FPGA platforms.
  • Fast Software encoder and decoder available on CPU and GPU with the new intoPIX Titanium Streaming SDK that supports SMPTE 2110 compressed streaming.