AV-over-IP Tech Company intoPIX Launches New TITANIUM Family

intopix titanium

intoPIX, the provider of low-latency JPEG XS technologies (used in many AV-over-IP products) and solutions, announced the release of TITANIUM. The company says this range of solutions empowers developers, installers and end users to accelerate the deployment of SMPTE 2110 and IPMX with intelligent JPEG XS connectivity in their AV and entertainment workflows.

The Two New Families of Titanium Solutions:

1. Titanium SDK & EDK for Developers: Offering a comprehensive software development kit for workstations and servers (TitaniumSDK), leveraging embedded CPU, multi-processes and discrete GPU. It supports PCIe NIC cards, integrated NICs and both compressed and uncompressed ST2110. The embedded development kit (TitaniumEDK) is designed for SoC devices, including Nvidia Jetson SoC, AMD FPGA SoC and other ARM SoCs, using integrated NICs and leveraging software or hardware codec accelerations.

2. Titanium APPs for Installers, End Users and Integrators: TitaniumViewer transforms laptops and workstations into efficient viewers of SMPTE2110 or IPMX streams. It also converts laptops and workstations into single or multiple JPEG XS IP-based sources with display resolutions of all sizes. intoPIX says demonstrations will show how to stream integrated and virtual screens of all sizes.