intoPIX Announced the new HFR Capabilities for its TicoXS Encoders, Decoders


Today intoPIX announced the release of new HFR capabilities in its large range of available JPEG XS capable encoders and decoders, called TicoXS.

The new capabilities allow using a lightweight TicoXS IP-core for high-speed encoding (and decoding). Depending on the selected IP-core, 4K can go up to 480fps, HD up to 1920fps — both in monochrome or in 422 color sampling and with a single encoder. The IP-cores are also not limited to usual broadcast formats for the encoding: they can be used for any other aspect ratios, including 9:16 for example.

JPEG XS for Slow-Mo.

With slow-motion workflows and replay systems, often the high-speed stream is separated into multiple streams which are sent in parallel (as phases). For example, an HDTV 180fps stream is sent as 3 x 3G-SDI (HDTV 60fps) streams to the replay server. At the system level and using JPEG XS compression, it is easy to improve the high-speed workflow by simply sending a compressed video essence that has the same bandwidth as an uncompressed stream of 60fps but that is capturing 600fps with just a compression ratio of 10:1. It not only simplifies the IP bandwidth, it also simplifies the synchronization between these phases, timestamps, the storage and the replay server architecture.

The intoPIX JPEG XS capable IP-cores enable to preserve a lossless image quality with low complexity, low power and zero latency. They are available for both Xilinx AMD and Intel FPGA — more details are here: