Engagement – Say What ?


Engagement is the coin of the realm for marketing and communication. For shopper, patron, traveler, staff or students, it is a strategic, tactical and operational imperative. The alternative is hit-and-miss or opportunistic, luck-of-the-draw marketing. Engagement means that: Targeted audiences of people with buying or decision-making authority or significant influence are noticing the message. They are […]

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Are We Clear?


Digital out of home messaging brings tremendous economies and agility to branding and promotional marketing. Messages can be created quickly often using graphic, animation and text elements that are used elsewhere in campaigns. And unique messages can be created to suit the target audience, display location, time of day and reflecting the context in which […]

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Christie Buys Digital Signage Content Company Arsenal Media


Christie announced today that it has acquired Montreal-based Arsenal Media Inc., a digital signage agency specializing in experiential installations, interactive content and strategic digital signage installations. Arsenal Media will become Christie Creative Media Services, operating within Christie’s Global Professional Services group. rAVe founder Gary Kayye says, “Arsenal Media is one of the top digital signage […]

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BroadSign Partners with BlueFox


BroadSign and French company BlueFox have partnered — the deal will allow all BroadSign players to leverage the BlueFox rights-cleared premium content for digital signage globally. BlueFox, very well known in the EMEA, has content offerings in 17 languages and high-profile clients such as JCDecaux, Clear Channel, Citibank, Carrefour, Intermarché, Areva and Orange. BroadSign Creator, […]

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Not Your Dad’s Digital Signage


Digital signage has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. In order to be successful in a digital signage business, and perhaps, to keep their current business running integrators need to see these changes and act on them. There should be no surprises here, this publication, along with industry experts have been talking for […]

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Creating Great Content Templates for DOOH/Digital Signage Networks


The focus of this series “Power of Content” is to help people with content strategies and how they relate to digital screen media. When considering templates, don’t be tempted to merely copy from one DOOH network to another. Every network has different needs, and the assets available and the type of templates created will be […]

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Woe vs. Wow


By Tanya Williams Business Development Manager, Prendi As digital integrators, we constantly have the challenge of educating clients in the booming Australian market about the benefits of digital signage and how this can have a positive impact on their bottom line. Once we get over this hurdle, the next issue we face is getting them […]

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InfoComm: Digital Signage Best Practices: Incorporating Interactivity


By Monica Heck Special to InfoComm International Interactivity is a human instinct. Toddlers have always explored the world using their senses but they now graduate from chewing their toys to gaming on a tablet. Society may have sought to curb those instincts in the past, but recent evolutions in technology have turned tablets and screens […]

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Ratio of Ads in a Digital Signage Playloop: Not as Simple as It Seems


By Dave Dolejsi St. Joseph Content There is a lot to consider when placing third-party advertising onto a branded digital signage network. It is not as simple as just allocating time in the playlist to outside advertisers. Network owners need to objectively look at why they are bringing in advertisers, what they need to achieve […]

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Retail In-Store Digital Destination Gamification: Part 3 of 4


The focus of this series “Power of Content” is to help people with content strategies and how they relate to digital screen media. Until recently, 90 percent of all purchase decisions were made at the store shelf. Now, the moment of truth is no longer there. It’s about buying anything, anytime, anywhere. According to a […]

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Why Digital Signage Content is King: Part 2


By David Little Director of Marketing, Keywest Technology Part one pointed out that for many business owners – even those who understand the potential of digital signage – deciding to add digital signs to the communication channel raises a thorny issue: Who’s going to create the content that feeds the sign network fresh information of […]

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Creating Content for the Three Types of Digital Signage Networks


Creating content for digital signage/DOOH first requires an understanding of the three different types of networks. There are three basic types of digital signage networks that determine both placement and approach to creating messages for digital signage installations: Point of Sale, Point of Transit and Point of Wait. These messages are uniquely tied to the […]

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Digital Signage Content Background: The First Thing to Catch the Eye


When creating visual messages, we often concentrate our efforts on the text and select the background as an afterthought. Of course, the design should always be secondary to the content, but keep in mind that people often notice graphics before text. This is especially important in digital signage, where the viewers are some distance away […]

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Digital Signage Content: RSS Feeds Offer Inexpensive Way to Keep Content Fresh


The following is reprinted with permission from the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA). For more information, go to http://www.digitalscreenmedia.org.Keeping digital signage content interesting and up-to-date has never been easier thanks to an explosion in the availability of RSS feeds. Turn on your favorite cable news channel, and what do you see at the bottom of the […]

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