Sure, Content is King, But Grammar Counts Too!

By Frank Kenna
President and CEO, The Marlin Company












Most of the stuff I read about workplace communications focuses on creating the right type of content. And rightly so — the phrase “Content is King” is a cliché these days, but clichés are very often true.

But I think content creators should also pay attention to their grammar usage. I constantly see errors in posted content, most of which are easy to fix.

I recently saw this piece at a blog called copyblogger. It sums up the most frequent grammar mistakes that people make. I recommend printing it out and leaving it near your computer for a few weeks to make sure you’re not making them.

Here’s a few examples of grammar misuse from the article that I see all the time:

Your vs. You’re – which is correct in what instance?

It’s vs. Its – when do you use one versus the other?

There vs. Their vs. They’re – Confusing, right?

Check out the article for the simple tips to keep these things straight, along with 10 other common goofs.

Making any of these mistakes causes even the most professionally-designed piece of content to look like amateur hour.

This column was reprinted with permission from the Digital Screenmedia Association and originally appeared here.