Why AV Integrators Absolutely Need to Be Thinking About Content Creation

November 20, 2019

THIS IS A PROMOTED POST FROM MVIX By Lillyan Wamaitha Marketing Manager, Mvix In the past, clients would come to integrators knowing precisely what they wanted. They’d ask for specific monitor “A,” speaker “B” and microphone “C.” They knew what their creation was to be; they only needed an AV integrator for the hardware. Today, things […]

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How to Leverage Digital Signage for Storytelling

October 15, 2019

THIS IS A PROMOTED POST FROM MVIX By Lillyan Wamaitha Marketing Manager, Mvix Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication. As humans, we’re naturally attuned to narratives and patterns that help us understand ourselves and the world around us. The right story can be a powerful way to captivate an audience — so why […]

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 911: If You Aren’t Selling Digital Signage Content as a Service, You Will Be After Listening to this Podcast

October 3, 2019

One of the top digital signage content companies in the world is Mvix Digital Signage. So, I asked Mvix’s Senior Director of Business Development, Mike Kilian, to explain how AV integrators can get into this lucrative and profitable segment of the signage market: selling content creation and managed services. He explains it beautifully! Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: […]

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Top Five Things to Make Your Digital Signage Content Memorable

October 3, 2019

By Jim Nista Almo Pro A/V For digital signage, everything about your content, including design, motion and messaging all go into making a memorable experience for your viewers. There’s no one right set of rules, since digital signage is used for everything from interactive wayfinding to menu boards, design guidelines vary. Creating memorable content for […]

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Visix Debuts Kits and Templates to Digital Signage Services

September 10, 2019

Visix, Inc. now offers content packs and kits for their AxisTV Signage Suite content management system. These provide Visix software users with predesigned artwork and templates for digital signage messages and screen layouts in a variety of topics, styles and colors. Visix customers can mix and match templates from two packs that include background artwork […]

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Templates App Debuts from Enplug for Signage Content Creation

September 3, 2019

Enplug has announced the addition of the Templates app to its app market. Available as a free add-on to the Enplug platform, the Templates App gives users a library of drag-and-drop templates to create custom announcements that automatically update on user-defined triggers and suit virtually any digital signage application. The new Templates App gives users […]

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The Best Design for Digital Signage

February 26, 2019

By Graham Gilhooley Senior Creative at 20/20 Productions When it comes to digital signage, it’s easy to get hung up on the latest innovations. But while investing in new technology is certainly important, to really get the most out of digital signage, good design is key. Digital signage lends itself to engaging and captivating displays […]

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Look How Easy Content Creation on Digital Signage Networks Has Become!

December 13, 2018

We’ve been covering, tracking and following the digital signage market for well over 10-years now. And, it’s gone from good, to great, to fantastic to incredible. In those 10+ years, there’s never been a negative sales year and, in most years, the digital signage market has enjoyed double-digit growth. It’s grown from a few giant […]

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Digital Signage Content Strategies for Savvy Integrators

November 2, 2018

Presented by Jim Nista at the 2018 Almo Professional E4 AV Tour Digital Signage is one of the few areas of AV where “Content is King” and creativity truly shines. Unfortunately, creating content isn’t something many AV integrators offer, which can lead to project challenges.  It’s important for integrators to offer a total solution for […]

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Using Digital Signage to Encourage Appropriate Workplace Behavior

November 1, 2017

  By Phyllis Zimbler Miller Enplug The song “You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught” from the 1949 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical SOUTH PACIFIC describes how people are taught to discriminate against those who are different. The flip side is equally true – people need to be taught what is discrimination as well as how not […]

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Using Color Psychology to Design Digital Signage Messages

July 14, 2017

Artists, advertisers and interior designers have long used color to affect moods and emotions. The field of color psychology is still growing and the amount of hard data is small, but experts generally agree that color does play some role in our reactions to visual stimuli. As you design digital signage messages, consider how the […]

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The Three Golden Rules of Interactive Display Design

March 2, 2017

By Meghan Athavale CEO, Lumo Interactive There are obviously all kinds of factors that influence how a display is designed, and how it works. These include things like lighting requirements, durability, intuitive user experience, target audience, localization, accessibility… the list is super long. However, there are three simple rules that I’ve discovered must be followed […]

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Signagelive to Launch Content Marketplace and Suite of Developer APIs at ISE 2017

January 31, 2017

Signagelive will be making a number of platform and product announcements at Integrated Systems Europe ISE 2017, including the launch of a new Content Marketplace, comprising 500 plus pre-built digital signage pieces of content (ranging from layout backgrounds, pre-built applications to Widgets). Signagelive will also be revealing a suite of developer APIs for network and […]

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The Outlook for Digital Signage in 2017 Is More, More, More

January 4, 2017

Yogi Berra wasn’t referencing digital signage when he said, “It’s very tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Digital signage and place-based media can apply present status, and, with a wide enough view of the lens and clarity into the depth, know what is coming in 2017. The proposition is simple. More digital signage […]

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Three Strategies For Creating Awesome Signage Content

December 16, 2016

By Victoria Ferrari Synergy CT Welcome to the third and final (for now) installment of this blog series on digital signage. We’ve covered why you need digital signage in your lobby and even offered some creative ways to use digital signage technology in our first two posts. Now it’s time to talk about the most […]

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Quividi Releases New Digital Signage Analytics Package with A/B Testing

December 16, 2016

Quividi intros its new real-time analytics suite for digital signage for adding creative capabilities and deep understanding of consumer engagement (i.e., analytics) for campaigns running on DOOH screens. With the VidiStudio scenario designer, agencies and network operators now create complex face- and context-reactive content, that can run on any CMS supporting HTML5, without any coding […]

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Five Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Lobby Signage

December 14, 2016

By Nathan Spell Synergy CT Lobby signage provides the perfect opportunity to build your brand and show your visitors what makes your company special. Traditional signage is static and too difficult or expensive to update regularly. By upgrading to digital signage, you can create a more dynamic and impactful experience for visitors while saving time, […]

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VISIX Adds Social Media Feeds to Digital Signage Offerings

November 8, 2016

Visix has added a new Social Media Subscription service to their digital signage product line. The new modules are customized, responsive and offer a variety of features managed through an online portal. Social media feeds provide clients with auto-updating content that attracts viewers and increases participation on their social networks. It also allows them to […]

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Feeding the Beast: Content Strategies for Digital Signage

January 18, 2016

By Sheldon Silverman CEO, SmartBomb Media Group With the explosive growth of digital signage in all business sectors, many have embraced the mantra of Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams — “If you build it, they will come.” The bigger question in this for digital signage network owners and operators is, “Will they watch?” […]

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Emerging Liabilities in Dynamic Digital Signage

December 2, 2015

By Robert White Manager of Convergent Technologies, Multi-Media Solutions As an integrator providing digital signage have you ever thought about all of the things that can jump up and bite you in the proverbial butt? I mean the kinds of things that can really put you at odds with your customer or even worse land you in […]

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A Rebel’s Guide… Why A Rebel?

September 2, 2015

By Brad Parler Digital Communications Administrator, Blinds.com The eight most detrimental words for the creative process, in my humble opinion are: “We have never done it that way before.” To get to places we have never been often we have to do things that we have never done. At CorpComm Expo (CCE), I’m presenting a […]

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Digital Signage: Not Always About Technology

March 18, 2015

Many of you have just returned from Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas. I have written in past columns about how amazing and exciting it is that the digital signage industry has become its own entity outside of AV. Some fear this, as they see large IT companies moving into the digital signage realm. If […]

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Top 5 Ways Digital Signage Users Integrate Live Feeds

February 12, 2015

Kelly Eisel Marketing Copywriter, Industry Weapon Breaking news, social media feeds, emergency alerts- all of these sources provide a huge contribution to viewership rates. Audiences want visually appealing, stimulating, and relevant content from your signage. Content can easily become boring and repetitive if it’s not integrated correctly. Even the most dedicated content and communications team […]

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Catch Eyes With Motion Graphic Content

January 15, 2015

By Kelly Eisel Marketing Copywriter, Industry Weapon This is the seventh installment of our monthly digital signage content design blog, written by our Content Creation Team, geared to help users create visually compelling content. Moving pictures have captivated audiences for over a century. Animation and video bring a special level of entertainment that appeases all […]

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Spotomate: Fast, Inexpensive Video Content for Your Digital Signage

December 17, 2014

Dave Haynes, founder and blogger over at Sixteen:Nine, has launched an innovative service for digital signage operators in need of high-quality video content to run on a DS network. Spotomate is a cloud-based video template creation platform. Which, is a fancy way of saying that you drag-and-drop photos and enter text onto a template in a […]

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Four Key Factors to a Good Interactive Experience

December 17, 2014

By Jessica Glynn Marketing, Reality Interactive Are you considering adding digital touch-points to your retail location? It’s not enough to just add an interactive experience, the experience needs to be done right. But what separates good interactive experience from not-so-good interactive experiences? Just like any other retail design project, there are four key factors to […]

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Three Questions to Ask About Your Digital Signage Content

November 20, 2014

By Frank Kenna President and CEO, The Marlin Company I write a lot about digital signage content because that’s what digital signage is all about — getting the right content in front of your employees. Here are three high-level questions to help you figure out how good your content is (or isn’t). 1. How relevant […]

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Why Digital Signs Are Important

November 14, 2014

David Little Director or Marketing, Keywest Technology Digital signage has become an important new communications medium. Here’s a look at the basics of why that’s so. We often read so much about the technology of digital signage that we can forget what this technology is all about — getting communication results that go above and […]

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Shopper Conversion Through Retail Shelf Media

October 29, 2014

The answer to confusion is always “no.” As product selection at the retail shelf is, by definition, a source of confusion for consumers, brands have a significant opportunity for point-of-purchase conversion through shelf level or service counter promotion. When connecting the dots that represent the information and touch points on the ever-changing path to purchase, […]

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Marketing to Millenials at Retail

October 15, 2014

By Joe Holley Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc. Millennials are as large a demographic group as their Baby Boomer parents and their presence is already felt at retail. Their power to purchase and influence is on the rise. Despite having lived through the Great Recession and carrying an average of $25,000 in student loan debt, […]

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Design Matters in Digital Signage

October 9, 2014

By Kelly Eisel Marketing Copywriter, Industry Weapon Your digital signage is finally ready to go and your content management system is stocked full of content. Unfortunately, your self-celebration is quickly silenced by the lack of audience engagement. In fact, no one seems to notice the signs at all. What gives? If you’re like the vast […]

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Videotel Ships Industrial Looping DVD Player For Simple Digital Signage Installs

October 2, 2014

Videotel’s new HD2600 Industrial Looping DVD Player, designed as a simple digital signage solution, is a UL-approved DVD offering seamless Auto On, Auto Play, Auto Repeat and Auto Loop without any manual interaction. Capable of continuous 24/7/365 play, the HD2600 is a commercial-grade looping DVD player designed for rugged use and displays video content on […]

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