AmpliVox Sound Systems Releases New Curved Capri Lectern

March 4, 2021

AmpliVox Sound Systems has introduced the new Capri Lectern featuring a sweeping curved design. The new lectern also features: Scratch-resistant melamine finish available in twelve different colors to match any decor; click here for colors and more information. Edge banding trim in eleven different colors to add a creative flair! Generous 24-inch-wide and 18-inch-deep reading […]

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AmpliVox Releases Titan Portable Wireless PA SW800-96

December 14, 2020

The AmpliVox Titan Portable Wireless PA SW800-96 includes a blue back panel that shows off its full range of extensive capabilities — and AmpliVox says it is now made in the U.S. The Titan PA is used everywhere that voice amplification is needed, for schools and churches, athletic fields, corporate events, auctions, emergency services and […]

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AmpliVox Sound Systems Intros Two New Lectern Models

October 29, 2020

AmpliVox Sound Systems has introduced two models of its lecterns with built-in digital display screens, giving the lectern plug-and-play visual meeting support for their message or brand. The lecterns are also great for instructional messages, such as COVID testing sites, security check-in, etc. The 43-inch display features 1920 x 1080 native resolution, and has an […]

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AmpliVox Introduces Acrylic Safety Shields for Work Surfaces

October 9, 2020

AmpliVox Sound Systems has introduced acrylic safety shields for lecterns, podiums, tables and other work surfaces. The new shields are designed to help protect single individuals or many individuals standing or sitting from airborne virus transmission potentially spread by talking, coughing or sneezing. They are perfect for all conference and meeting rooms, hospitality settings, schools, […]

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AmpliVox Founder Survives Cancer and Offers Free Pink Podiums to Cancer Orgs

October 5, 2020

AmpliVox Sound Systems is renewing its offer of a free Pink Podium to cancer organizations for October Breast Cancer Awareness month. AmpliVox’s Pink Podium Promise has been in place since 2010, placing pink podiums with hundreds of cancer society chapters, foundations, hospitals and local governments. The offer is effective until Thanksgiving, 2020. “AmpliVox products are […]

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AmpliVox Sound Systems Upgrades 3230 Multimedia Lectern Series

September 1, 2020

AmpliVox Sound Systems has upgraded its 3230 Multimedia Lectern series with custom colors and finishes and optional rack rails for securely mounting electronic components. The 3230 series offers six standard colors: mahogany, oak, maple, walnut, cherry and black. And now, there are also 10 premium colors such as beechwood, dark gray, ivory and more. There […]

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New AmpliVox Maestro Adjustable Presentation Center Includes Reading Table and Other Features

July 1, 2020

The new AmpliVox Maestro Adjustable Presentation Center (lectern) not only adjusts to presenters of different height (via touch) but includes 31” wide reading table that comfortably accommodates a laptop and other paperwork. Other features include: Cable pass-through grommets from the reading table to inside the cabinet’s lower storage compartment and the bottom of the lectern […]

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AmpliVox Sound Systems Upgrades Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus

June 25, 2020

AmpliVox Sound Systems has introduced an upgraded version of its SW925-96 Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus with even greater sound quality and audience reach. The Made-in-the-USA, 96-channel wireless portable PA system now has a second wireless antenna that increases sound coverage while reducing interference when using multiple wireless receivers. The new system can reach up […]

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AmpliVox Upgrades Digital Audio Partner Plus Wireless Portable PA System

January 15, 2020

AmpliVox just upgraded its Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus wireless portable PA system, adding a 96-channel wireless receiver; it formerly had 16 channels. The SW925-96 includes a full range of features include: A 96-channel digital wireless receiver that operates in the UHF 514-544 megahertz frequency range. A 250-watt amplifier, delivering clear sound to up to […]

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New Emergency Communication Products from AmpliVox Support School Safety Legislation

May 29, 2019

According to the National Council of State Legislatures, the period of 2017-2019 has seen state legislatures propose 1,005 bills and resolutions related to school safety. Many of the bills have provisions for emergency communication procedures for school emergencies, and AmpliVox Sound Systems supports those measures. AmpliVox has long been a key provider of emergency sound […]

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AmpliVox Introduces 2.4 GHz Digital Belt Blaster Personal PA System for Speakers

September 26, 2018

AmpliVox just launched a wireless personal PA dubbed the S208 Digital Belt Blaster. It’s a 2.4 GHz headset microphone with a belt-pack speaker to amplify speech for teachers, coaches, tour guides, product demonstrators and other presenters. The Digital Belt Blaster weighs less than a pound using three-inch speaker pairs with the wireless headset for sound […]

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AmpliVox Intros Dual Audio Pal Compact PA

September 26, 2018

AmpliVox Sound Systems has launched a new version of its SW245B Dual Audio Pal, a Bluetooth-equipped compact sound system for audiences up to 300 people. The ultra-portable 50W Dual Audio Pal delivers crisp, clear sound from up to two microphones at once and also streams music and other audio for all types of indoor and […]

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AmpliVox Introduces New Classroom Audio System Package

January 24, 2018

Aimed at small to medium-sized classrooms and conference rooms, the AmpliVox Sound Systems now offers a comprehensive package of versatile sound products. AmpliVox’s new Classroom Audio System package combines a ceiling tile four-way speaker, a seven-channel mixer/amplifier and a universal wireless microphone to provide 360 degrees of clear sound coverage. The new Classroom Audio System includes a four-speaker unit that […]

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New Quad Wireless Receiver from AmpliVox Controls Up to Four Microphones

July 25, 2017

AmpliVox Sound Systems has introduced a new microphone receiver system to manage up to four wireless microphones from a rack-sized unit. The S9190 Quad Wireless Microphone Receiver System can be rack mounted for permanent applications or the used for rental or traveling applications. The 2RU roto-molded chassis houses four independent receivers that can be used […]

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AmpliVox Introduces Fitness and Waterproof Packages

May 17, 2017

AmpliVox Sound Systems now offers fitness industry accessory packages, specially designed for aquatics and fitness instructors. Available in both waterproof and moisture-resistant styles, the new packages include headset microphones, transmitter beltpacks and wireless transmitters to pair with AmpliVox’s SW915, SW800, SW610 and SW615 portable PA systems. These accessories allow teachers to lead large swim and exercise classes without vocal strain or […]

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AmpliVox Issues Nicest Price Increase Letter, Ever

March 15, 2017

  AmpliVox CEO Don Roth yesterday sent out the nicest price increase letter ever to his dealers. And, to be frank, it’s an increase that’s negligible and we hope that everyone supports him on it as all of us survivors have weathered an economic storm. Roth’s letter said, “As a result of sustained cost increases […]

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AmpliVox Intros New Collaboration Huddle Table

December 13, 2016

AmpliVox Sound Systems has launched the Collaboration Huddle Table CT4880 for conference rooms and other meeting space. Included with built-in power receptacles as well as an optional table-mount stand for monitors, the Collaboration Huddle Table is ADA compliant and is constructed of scratchproof, impact-resistant high pressure laminate in a maple finish and black vinyl edges. […]

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New Power Pod PA from AmpliVox Debuts

June 9, 2016

AmpliVox Sound Systems introduces its new Power Pod PA SW245, an ultra-compact audio unit designed for durability. Weighing just six pounds, this powerful 50-watt PA brings clear sound to classrooms, tour groups, playgrounds, and meetings with audiences up to 300 people. It offers the ultimate in flexibility with a rechargeable battery that runs for up […]

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New AmpliVox ADA Compliant Lectern Accommodates All Presenters

June 8, 2016

AmpliVox Sound Systems just introduced its new ADA Compliant Lectern SN3900, a unique presentation option that accommodates individuals who use wheelchairs as well as those who stand. AmpliVox’s ADA Compliant Lectern is designed to meet or exceed the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design issued by the US Department of Justice under the Americans with Disabilities […]

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AmpliVox New Adjustable Version of the Patriot Lectern Ships

April 30, 2015

AmpliVox Sound Systems’s has launched a new height-adjustable version of its Patriot Lectern. The 3045A Patriot Lectern is equipped with a push button, electric silent lift mechanism that adjusts the working surface height from 36 to 56 inches and any height in between. The Patriot’s power lift mechanism allows the lectern to adjust to presenters […]

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AmpliVox Intros Portable Outdoor Sound System with a Mobile Line Array

February 25, 2015

AmpliVox Sound Systems’ new SW664 is a mobile Line Array System for sound amplification for large outdoor venues in a portable, totally wireless package. Perfect for athletic fields, job sites, parks, fairgrounds, and other open-air venues, this new system brings all the features of a PA system with sound coverage of up to one mile. […]

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AmpliVox Upgrades Audio Power of Integrated Multimedia Lecterns

November 12, 2014

AmpliVox Sound Systems has unveiled major upgrades to over 15 of its integrated multimedia lectern products, now equipping them with 150-watt digital amplifiers. An upgrade from the 50-watt amps in previous models, each lectern also includes new connectivity and control features. In addition, the lecterns are now integrated with Bluetooth audio streaming capability from a […]

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AmpliVox Intros Duo Tandem Line Array Soundbar

July 1, 2014

AmpliVox Sound Systems just introduced a new two-module configuration of its Line Array Soundbar system, a two-piece design of the Duo Tandem Line Array Soundbar. Presenters can both position the rack-mounted speaker module of the system to face the audience and also position the amplifier module with its controls at the presenter’s fingertips. AmpliVox designed […]

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AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems Now Stream Music Wirelessly Via Bluetooth

February 27, 2014

AmpliVox Sound Systems has added Bluetooth wireless connectivity as a standard feature to the SW800 Titan Wireless Portable PA system. The streaming technology will also be available as an option on AmpliVox’s SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner and SW720 Wireless Portable PA System. The Bluetooth connection enables the presenter to easily control volume, stop/start, and […]

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Presenting the Case: Lecterns and Sound Systems for Health Care Settings

February 20, 2014

Don Roth, CEO AmpliVox Sound Systems Hospitals are unique institutions. Far more than just buildings where doctors treat patients, hospitals and other health care facilities are microcosm communities with sectors dedicated to education, business, entertainment and even spiritual functions. In these contexts, hospital spaces frequently become presentation venues for groups of various sizes and purposes. […]

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AmpliVox Debuts Boomboxes (Yes, Really)

October 18, 2013

AmpliVox Sound Systems has just launched the SL1010 Boombox and SL1014 Listening Center/Boombox combinations. These classic sound system easily adapt to different situations and supports a variety of audio formats, including an AM/FM radio, a top-loading CD player, an auto-stop cassette recorder/player, and SD card and USB ports for student or teacher-generated content. The AmpliVox […]

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Bretford and AmpliVox Partner on Mobile Interactive Whiteboard

April 12, 2013

AmpliVox Sound Systems has announced that it is working with educational furniture manufacturer Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. to supply a custom OEM version of its amplified Line Array speaker for Bretford’s EXPLORE Mobile Interactive Whiteboard. The Line Array speaker will be available as a Bretford accessory to enhance the audio capability of the interactive classroom. The […]

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AmpliVox Intros New Portable Sound System

February 15, 2013

AmpliVox Sound Systems’ new SW720 Wireless PA system allows for audio or video to be played from MP3s, CDs, DVDs or any iDevice from Apple (iPhones, iPads, or iPods), complemented by a wireless handheld mic for clear voice amplification. For audiences of up to 500 people and rooms as large as 2,500 square feet, the […]

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AmpliVox Sound Adds Rechargeable Battery Pack for Mity-Meg Megaphone

December 19, 2012

AmpliVox Sound Systems has introduced a new rechargeable battery pack option for its updated Mity-Meg Plus (S602M) 25-watt megaphone. The company says the quick-charging S1405 lithium-ion battery pack replaces conventional alkaline batteries to maintain the Mity-Meg’s sound amplification for up to 40 hours of typical use. The battery pack also weighs far less than conventional […]

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AmpliVox Unveils Compact Mity Box Speaker

October 23, 2012

AmpliVox’s newest addition is the Mity Box speaker system, a portable system measuring just 10.5x7x6.5” (LxWxD). The speaker can be easily connected to presentation carts or wall mounted with the included brackets. It can be ordered as a passive speaker or outfitted as an amplified speaker with wired or wireless 16-channel microphones. Built-in audio ports […]

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AmpliVox Shows Compact Line Array Speakers

May 24, 2012

AmpliVox has just launched a slim, lightweight compact line array speaker system that’s offered in three different designs (and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically). Users can install it horizontally above a whiteboard for broad dispersion or mount two systems vertically on each side of the whiteboard. In either configuration, the Line Array Speakers […]

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AmpliVox Introduces Expanded Line of Illuminating Acrylic Lecterns

April 11, 2012

AmpliVox has expanded its acrylic lectern offerings to include 14 different styles for corporate events, religious settings, hotels, meeting rooms and board rooms. These lecterns are cut from thick acrylic sheets for durability. They’re available in a variety of styles and wood and metal accents including: “H”, “V” and “X” designed styles available in clear […]

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