AmpliVox Intros Duo Tandem Line Array Soundbar

AmpliVox-Duo-Tandem-Line-Array-Soundbar-0714AmpliVox Sound Systems just introduced a new two-module configuration of its Line Array Soundbar system, a two-piece design of the Duo Tandem Line Array Soundbar. Presenters can both position the rack-mounted speaker module of the system to face the audience and also position the amplifier module with its controls at the presenter’s fingertips.

AmpliVox designed the Duo Tandem Line Array Soundbar to be fully integratable with multimedia presentation carts and lecterns and includes 50-watt sound amplification. The enclosed, rack-mounted system includes separate speaker and amp modules, with the speaker unit facing the audience and the amp’s control panel facing toward the presenter. This configuration makes it easy for the user to see and operate the amplifier’s controls during a presentation. The Duo Tandem Line Array Soundbar is available with AmpliVox’s 16 channel UHF wireless receiver, which aids in eliminating interference from competing frequencies.

Here are all the details.