AmpliVox Intros Portable Outdoor Sound System with a Mobile Line Array

amplivox-sw664-0215AmpliVox Sound Systems’ new SW664 is a mobile Line Array System for sound amplification for large outdoor venues in a portable, totally wireless package. Perfect for athletic fields, job sites, parks, fairgrounds, and other open-air venues, this new system brings all the features of a PA system with sound coverage of up to one mile. It also can be used in especially loud indoor facilities like manufacturing plants, or carried to disaster sites to support emergency response teams.

In the new Mobile Line Array Hailer System, four tapered speaker horns are mounted to a vertical column, and connected to a compact, battery powered 50-watt multimedia stereo amplifier. The amplifier includes a 16 channel UHF receiver for minimal interference, a handheld wireless mic, multiple input and output jacks, and a siren feature for emergency use. The horns, which are mounted horizontally to produce greater sound dispersion, can be rotated on the column to project sound in different directions. The system provides a high level of speech intelligibility, producing consistent tonal balance with less volume drop-off over longer distances. The entire unit operates for up to 200 hours on 10 D-cell batteries or on the optional NiCad rechargeable battery pack, and stores fully assembled in an optional carry/storage case.

Here are all the detailed specs.