Symetrix and WyreStorm Launch Xyte-Powered E-Commerce Stores to Enable Product Features

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Xyte, developer of an all-in-one “servitization platform” for device and hardware manufacturers, has announced that two of its AV customers, Symetrix and WyreStorm, are launching e-commerce stores built on Xyte Device Cloud (XDC). Symetrix and WyreStorm will then make it easier and more cost-effective for channel partners and end users to unlock new features for existing devices.

Through WyreStorm’s new e-commerce store, its customers can access SSH tunneling, the latest capability launched by Xyte. SSH tunneling allows OEMs and channel partners to manage connected devices in secure fashion via end users’ on-premise device web interfaces. By establishing this XDC-powered e-commerce store to offer secure remote connections, WyreStorm is now able to support its value chain partners’ preferred methods of work.

“We are excited to announce that through our new e-commerce store, developed in collaboration with Xyte, our customers will be able to access full device control via SSH tunneling. This advanced feature not only enhances security but also simplifies the management of connected devices, empowering our channel partners and end users with secure, remote access capabilities,” said Voislav Zec, product director at WyreStorm. “This launch is a testament to our dedication to innovation and providing comprehensive, software-driven solutions to the AV industry.”

Symetrix, a leader in AV processing and control solutions, has selected Xyte to establish an e-commerce store through which Symetrix’s customers will be able to optimize their systems’ capabilities without replacing existing hardware.

“We are laser focused on delivering performance AVoIP solutions that are as strong as steel and flexible as rubber,” said Ben Olswang, Symetrix VP of engineering and product. “This e-commerce store will help empower our customers to deliver bespoke systems that also maximize value-to-price.”

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“Establishing stores for e-commerce is one of the most important ways that XDC empowers device and hardware manufacturers to enable additional features and create new possibilities for their products,” said Omer Brookstein, CEO and co-founder of Xyte. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with our partners Symetrix and WyreStorm, enabling software-defined experiences for their channel partners and end users.”

Symetrix and WyreStorm will be demonstrating their e-commerce stores at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas this June. Symetrix will be at booth C9526 and WyreStorm, which will also be demonstrating its implementation of SSH tunneling through XDC, will be at booth C8149.