Igloo Vision Brings Three Cutting-Edge Immersive Spaces to InfoComm – Including a Fully Immersive World-First

igloo vision

Visitors to this year’s InfoComm will be hearing a lot about immersive technology. Interest in shared immersive spaces is at an all-time high, with companies around the world finding they are a perfect way to share VR/XR content among teams of people. Several different systems and variants are therefore set to be on show at InfoComm.

One of the vendors you’ll be seeing a lot from is Igloo Vision, who will be bringing not one, not two, but three immersive projection spaces to the show – in partnership with projector giants Panasonic, Fuji, and Christie. All three spaces will be powered by Igloo’s award-winning software platform for immersive spaces, Igloo Core Engine (ICE).

The company’s own booth in Central Hall (C9377) will feature an open-fronted immersive space with floor projection provided by Christie, showcasing how immersive spaces can be used across a wide range of industries for an even wider range of use cases.

In West Hall at Panasonic’s booth (W1500), Igloo will be powering an immersive meeting room, showing how immersive technology can enhance and improve the office experience and provide a key to more effective collaboration.

Also in West Hall, at Fuji’s booth (W1500), visitors will be able to see a world-first in the form of an immersive space with walls, floor and ceiling projection for a fully immersive experience, powered by Igloo and built by Canadian design and construction company, FalkBuilt. This space will showcase the power of immersive technology for visualization in architecture, engineering, construction and real estate, as visitors can step right inside designs and surround themselves with model data.

And, according to Igloo is concerned, the most important thing about all three immersive spaces is the specialist software that runs it – known as Igloo Core Engine, or ICE for short.

Released in early 2023, ICE is an operating system for immersive spaces which is designed to make them easier to use, easier to build, and easier to benefit from. It brings together over 15 years’ experience that Igloo has in the immersive technology sector, building, installing and developing software for hundreds of clients all over the world, in sectors including enterprise, education, AEC, real estate, energy, healthcare and more.

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ICE is designed to be as flexible as possible, so it can handle almost any immersive or traditional content, in any configuration, on any type of display. It’s also easy to use, with intuitive user interfaces designed for the everyday user of digital technology. And ICE has loads of built-in features for video conferencing, screen sharing, livestreaming, presentation, and working with cloud and web-based content, so it’s a practical tool which can be used for multiple different use cases.

Igloo has spent the last year rolling out ICE to its extensive global client base, including Microsoft, T-Mobile, Deloitte, Burns & McDonnel, Turner Construction, NBBJ, Colliers, AtkinsRéalis, Michigan State University, and The University of Texas at Arlington, who all use Igloo technology for visualization, simulation, collaboration and engagement.
And Igloo has also been collaborating with major partners across the AV industry who are using ICE to power their own immersive spaces as well as large-format displays, such as power walls, LED screens, and clusters of screens. ICE is hardware agnostic so can work on any display.

At this year’s InfoComm, Igloo is reaching out to AV integrators, immersive room providers, content creators, technicians, consultants and even their competitors in the immersive space sector, to discover how ICE could benefit their own immersive systems.

Kerry Head, Managing Director said “Since releasing ICE one year ago, we’ve been hearing from customers how practical it is and how easy it is to use, and picked up several industry awards. Now we want to get the word out that ICE isn’t just for Igloo spaces and open our doors to everyone and anyone who is interested in finding out how our software can benefit them.”

To find out more about ICE and Igloo Vision, visit Igloo Vision | The Shared Immersive Space Company